Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Chris from StrategyBeam, and today we’re going to take a look at a critical topic that has a significant impact on your company’s website.

Today we’re going to look at SEO Copywriting tips for mobile device usage. The first thing we want to see is to understand why focusing on mobile content optimization is essential. Today we are going to discuss how professional copywriting services can help your business, and how you can improve your site if you choose to write your own content.

Why Optimizing Content For Mobile Matters For SEO Marketing

If you look at your Google Analytics, you’ll notice it Year Over Year. You likely have an increase in traffic from mobile devices.

This is where your customers and prospects are consuming content on your website through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. To ensure that your website is performing at its best you should perform ongoing website audits. This will help you identify opportunities to improve your online content for all readers, including mobile device consumption.

google analytics mobile seo device use mobile seo

For most of my clients, including myself year over year, as has shown a significant increase in mobile device consumption. This just means that as time goes on, we’re going to be looking towards mobile devices to offer up the information and answers that we need based on questions and needs of our audience.

To make significant content, that content needs to meet the customer where they are. In this case, we need to optimize and format content based on where your customers are as they consume your content.

Image Source: https://heidicohen.com/67-mobile-facts-from-2013-research-charts/

Since mobile customers are on the go, we want to make sure that we optimize that content around how they’re viewing your website. The first point to think about is getting straight to the point of your content with great online copywriting tips to help you boost your visibility and drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Since mobile devices are used by consumers who are on the go, we won’t consider them mobile readers. Think of them being on the bus, walking to the store, you know, being a passenger in a car, whatever it might be. They’re not sitting at their desk with a mouse looking at an at a desktop monitor, so we want to optimize our content around how they’re consuming our information.

How To Write SEO Content For Mobile Devices

The first thing we want to do is have a significant opening sentence to grab the attention and qualify why that consumer should be interested in what we’re talking about. This approach is great for a strong SEO marketing strategy that drives engagement and keeps your customers reading your content. Then, once we are eligible for our consumers and grab their attention, we can start talking about features or other information, but this can only come after we have engaged them.

In general, we should put relevant information at the top of pages, paragraphs or sections, and then after we write the most critical information, you can write your supporting content. This just helps further qualify consumers so that once they know that they’re reading the information that they need.

mobile device website seo copywriting seo marketing strategy strategybeam.com

Once this is accomplished, it’s up to them, and they have the freedom to go down further down the content and read more supporting material. Next, we want always to make sure that our content is short, so keeping it short.

Keep Content Short For Mobile Devices

Since consumers are looking at content on mobile devices with smaller screens, we also want to use shorter sentences. I like to keep my sentences and paragraphs at about two to three sentences each, and this just makes sure that I don’t create a large block of text. You can find areas to improve your mobile content by conducting a holistic website SEO audit that reviews all aspects of your business site.

It’s easier to consume both on mobile and desktop devices, so two to three sentences per paragraph is genuinely a go-to length that I like to use and then to break up blocks of texts, and there’s nothing worse on a mobile device than reading a large chunk of text that just looks like it was written on a giant wall.

Content that is just a large block of text will bounce your consumer away from your page because they’re just going to get overwhelmed. Large chunks of documents tend to have lower conversion rates because it’s harder to pick out the information that’s what’s most important. This means that your business has a great opportunity to boost conversions with copywriting if you know how to research, create, and optimize content based on the needs of your customers.

This fact points back to the last point that about keeping the most critical information at the top and then supporting content below that, so always break up your blocks of text.

Optimize Your Content For Mobile To Be Easy To Scan

Think about how you use your mobile device.

You likely have it in one hand, and you’re just scrolling with your thumb or your index finger. This is the same way that your consumers view your website on mobile devices, so this means that all of your content should be easy to scan and one way to do this is using bullet points.

mobile device seo copywriting mobile content copywriter strategybeam.com

Bullet points are a great way to display information, show features, and list out benefits of your product or service. This ability becomes even more important as you list out various features for Seasonal SEO content.

Bullet points are also a great way to break up content, which refers back to the previous point, is what you want to be used doing with content optimized for mobile devices.

Use Headers To Provide Context & Break Up Content For Mobile Consumers

Use main headlines such as H2 tags to provide context.

This approach will help you ensure your customer with guidance as to what to expect in each H2 section. Then you can use H3 and H4 sub headlines such as age three, age four to summarize key points.

Be sure to always use bold texts throughout your paragraphs to highlight relevant information. The bold book will also help draw the eyes of your audience towards the desired areas within your content. These are all proven ways to boost the value of your content and make your SEO copywriting more relevant for your audience.

I usually like to highlight LSI keywords in each paragraph in bold because this allows me to draw the eye of consumers so that it helps qualify them. You should think about the needs of your customers and highlight how your content will help them by diving into great keyword research.

Optimize CTAs in Your Mobile SEO Copywriting Projects

You always want to have an excellent CTA in your mobile-optimized content.

Call To Actions are the bread and butter. It’s the things that you know. This is the information that helps push your consumer through the customer journey. From one page to the next, from just looking at your products to buying them, but on smaller screens you need different.

mobile cta online seo marketing strategy
Image Source: https://www.gosquared.com/blog/call-to-action-buttons

Instead of thinking about a call to actions and how people use your website in or interact with your content on desktop, you should think about how you use a mobile device. People need to click on a CTA button with your thumb or index finger.

This means your CTAs should be large and not easily missed because if someone wants to buy something. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to click buy now and then actually accidentally click clicking a different link.

So this just goes into user experience and then also make your CTA buttons stand out.

This is important on the desktop, but even more for mobile because your consumers are interacting with your content on smaller screens, so you need to use every tactic you can make your CTA buttons stand out.

As you create CTA buttons, be sure to keep your CTA text direct and straightforward. This goes into the previous point about keeping your content short, but it’s also simplifying every aspect of your online presence, and CTA buttons are one of them, and then I always like to have multiple calls to action buttons throughout my content.

I like to add some form of a CTA every two to three paragraphs in my content, whether that’s a button or a text link. And I think that this just really helps me to qualify consumers and changeup that text link, the CTA text based on whatever the context is for the web, the website, and like that paragraph.

Grow Your Business By Focusing On Mobile SEO Strategies

There’s the overview about how to optimize content for mobile use. We went through why it’s important to keep things simple, keep your content short, and break up your content by having excellent Call To Actions throughout your content.

If you could go ahead and give this video a like, comment and subscribe and then also share it with your friends because it helps us out a lot. If you have any questions, go ahead and leave them down below in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them, and we look forward to working with you and talking with you on the next video.

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