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You want to attract more qualified customers but…

You have a thousand other things to think about, and you worry that you will waste time writing copy that won’t get found.

You are under more pressure to turn your online marketing into a money-making machine.

What if you could have a marketing partner working for you behind the scenes for your success?

Imagine being able to focus on your business and not on copywriting. Imagine walking into each meeting with confidence. Our team will partner with you to build a strategy, optimize content, and deliver results with our best-in-class copywriting services!


Become an online authority in your market

We will work with your team to define and employ a cohesive brand voice and style that speaks to your target audience. We will help you shape your company's core messaging that will create a basis for your online identity.


Get found online & engage your audience

The only way to stand out online is to have content that gets your business found in search engines and to have people click through your site and interact with your brand. We get you found online and boost conversions.


Boost online sales

Our team will partner with you to help make your business feel like a trusted friend with your customers. We do this with a proven methodology to help align your business products/services with the needs of your customers to drive more online sales.

You Deserve To Work With Copywriting Pros.

Our Copywriting Process

Complete Keyword Research

Compelling content needs to get found. If you don’t use words that people are interested in, then you’re missing a lot of traffic. Our keyword research will uncover the best ways to get your content found.

Understanding Keyword Intent
We use different keywords on different pages based on the intent of your audience. This matches your business goals with the desires of your audience.

Search Volume
We balance the demand for specific keywords by how much they are searched on search engines. This will align the supply and demand in your market to get you more exposure.

Keyword Competition: We will find gaps in the market to get you found for valuable keywords based on competition. More competitive keywords are harder to rank, so we will find the ones that matter.

freelance copywriting keyword research

Content Audit Of Your Site

Our content audit pulls information from multiple sources to understand information across your entire site.

Our copywriting services include a deep-dive look into your current content to make sure that your content is fine-tuned for what Google and search engines look for. We also review your website content based on your business goals, brand voice, and target audience.

Our content audit comes with a 5-point process, and our experienced copywriters present a full review for you along with recommendations.


content audit freelance copywriting services

ayasha chris strategybeam team pic

No Detail Left Undone!

StrategyBeam provides best-in-class content for your business.

We keep you posted throughout your project.

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Content Optimization & Positioning

Writing content isn’t enough. We’ll help you figure out a content calendar and positioning strategy to get your brand as much attention as possible.

When done well, content connects your business to your customers. Our copywriting services offer unmatched attention to the technical components of SEO so your content ranks at the top of search engines and resonates with your readers.


freelance copywriting content positioning strategy

Ongoing Tracking & Optimizations

We’ll track and optimize your content after you hit “Publish.” Our team will provide constant support to ensure your site is super-charged!

Websites that rank well in search engines are frequently updated and have content that engage readers. Our website copywriters will track your performance so you can see results and opportunities.

Whether you are launching a new business or you need to upgrade your current site, our copywriting services have you covered from start to finish!

freelance copywriting tracking and reporting

Place your Business at the TOP of Search Engines & Expand + GROW your Profits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional copywriting services?

A professional freelance copywriter will help you identify your target audience, write content to draw your customers to your business, and compel them to buy from you.

Your company needs the energy and skills of a professional copywriter. This type of skill set can only come from experienced freelance copywriters with StrategyBeam.

Your clients are exposed to more messages and content that could sway their purchasing decision away from you.

Unless you are producing the best marketing content, your business runs the risk of losing market share. Your business needs effective marketing copy. It will help establish your business by driving more qualified leads and close more sales.

The main reason our clients love our freelance copywriting services is that we save them time.

You have a lot to do in your business. It can be difficult to make quality marketing copy for your online marketing strategy. If you don’t know how to make great content or don’t have the time, then your customers will suffer. As a result, your business could be losing out on leads and sales.

This can be avoided if you hire a professional freelance copywriter who knows how to get results and increase ROI. Knowing how search engines work and how to convert your audience means your business will benefit.

Do you work with new industries?

Yes. We have not found an industry or business where our freelance copywriting services was not a benefit to their bottom line.

We have been able to produce great marketing content for various industries and markets.

The reason for our success in several industries is because our writers are curious and love to research. We may need some time to become familiar with your business and industry, but we will cover specific areas of your industry as we discuss the needs of your copywriting project.

No matter your industry or your customer base, our team’s marketing background will help you reach your customers and drive sales. Whether you are located locally or not, our freelance copywriting services are tailored to the needs of your business and customers.

More importantly, you will benefits from our years of marketing experience and skills.

Are your services for B2B or B2C companies?

That’s a great question! Not many freelance copywriters know the difference between copywriting for B2B or B2C projects. While there are many differences between B2B and B2C copywriting, we have experience writing for both types of clients.

Our content writing services provide value and drive results for your business no matter what kind of customer base you are trying to reach. We offer freelance writing for both B2B audiences and B2C readers. Our team can write for a broad range of audiences, or focus a message for a particular niche using specific jargon to connect with your customers.

Reviewing your business goals will direct the type of marketing copy that we will write for you. This means that we will work together at each step to produce effective marketing content to reach your audience.

Your business will love how our freelance copywriting services will focus on your customers and then produce the results your business needs to succeed!

How will my company benefit from a great blog?

A quality blog is the central pillar of any content marketing strategy.

Since content creation can take a lot of time, the best long-term strategy is to hire a professional writer who is vetted and trusted in the marketing sector.

Our team of marketing professionals will help you understand your customers, build a strategy, and deliver content that is optimized for your audience and search engines.

Why do I need a professional copywriter?

SEO has changed a lot over the past five years. From frequent search engine updates to increasingly complex algorithms that Google and other companies are developing; you can be sure that what worked a short while ago likely no longer works today.

Effective copywriting is meant to engage, entertain, and encourages your audience to take action. This is a great way to boost conversions, and with a professional SEO copywriter, you will be able to accomplish all of this and more because your content will rise in rankings.

Well-written content is more important than ever before. If you want your business to get found and engage your customers, then you need high-quality SEO friendly content.

Search engines like Google and Bing love featuring updated and informational information in SERPs because it drives more traffic to their products.

You can use this fact to your advantage by creating relevant content on your site to attract more qualified traffic through organic traffic without having to pay for paid advertising like Pay-Per-Click.

When it comes to your SEO marketing strategy, you can be confident that on-page copy is the best investment you can make for long-term benefits.

What copywriting services do you offer?

While we are located in Orlando, FL, companies like yours have benefited from our freelance copywriting services around the globe. No matter the size of your business or your industry, you can rest assured that our copywriting services can meet your digital marketing needs.

Our copywriting clients fall into two broad categories. The first is marketing firms and ad agencies. We usually collaborate with these folks as a subcontractor and produce great freelance copywriting and marketing content for their clients.

The second group is those companies that we work with directly. These companies are diverse, ranging from professional service firms like lawyers, high-tech companies, software companies, startups, and accountants.


How soon can you start on a new copywriting project?

We love getting to know new clients and as we take on new clients we get this question a lot, but it is a loaded question and to be honest we can’t give an answer without more information.

Every freelance copywriting project is different, and we will spend the necessary time to work with your business to understand your expectations and customers. If we don’t know what you are looking for, then it’s hard to deliver amazing marketing content to help your business grow.

Please let us know from the get-go if your copywriting project has a tight deadline. We will be honest and tell you right away if we can accommodate your schedule and give you some options to ensure your business gets the marketing copywriting you need.

Your business needs great copywriting to drive online sales, and we also know that you need that content in a particular timeframe based on your digital marketing strategy.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and our freelance copywriting services are built around the knowledge that this is a necessity of the business world.

One of the first things that we will discuss in our copywriting proposal is to understand the timeline to deliver your content. If you give us a firm completion date that you need, we will be able to tell you if we can deliver. We always provide an honest and fair timeline, but if you need expedited content, then we can still work together and make appropriate arrangements.

Why is hiring a professional blogger important?

Not everyone can write effective blog posts because great blog writing needs to be optimized with SEO knowledge.

Our experienced copywriters will help you create unique content that is well-written and optimized with eye-catching headlines, answer questions, and solve problems that your customers experience.

How will copywriting services help my business?

Our team has worked with several niche companies in a number of industries and our background in SEO means that your blog content will be built for the needs of your audience and get found online.

Our team of blog writing enthusiasts will start with the needs of your target audience. We will consult with your team to manage each project from start to finish to handle various niche and subject matters.

We will optimize each blog post with proven on-page optimizations to get each article found in Google. We will also use a proven writing process to address a central topic that your customers are searching for so your business will be viewed as the leading expert in your industry.

All of this means that your business will have a solid base to establish your knowledge about topics, and your in-house team can use the blog posts for other marketing tasks!

How do our copywriting services help your business?

No one knows your business better than you do, and this is why our team of in-house writers will learn from you before we write a single word.

We will work with you to understand your customers, your market, and your business goals to enhance your brand.

We are known for writing all types of copy that is optimized for people and SERPs, and we will help you drive more organic traffic with a proven copywriting strategy.

We will build a holistic approach for you based on necessary steps, like:

  • Comprehensive keyword research.
  • Review your site with content audits.
  • Help build a powerful content marketing strategy.
  • Format all content to fit your website and integrate keywords.

Our approach to copywriting service projects is meant to get your pages and blog posts found by people through Google and other search engines.

This is the best approach to build a long-term business strategy to increase returns and boost your bottom line!

speakt website content online marketing small business strategybeam

Take a look at our work with


Speakt has seen success in the past but they needed to get found online for competitive keywords. We worked with the Speakt leadership to provide professional website content in a timely manner. Our team conducted in-depth SEO research and wrote each page on their website with a focus on getting each page found in search engines and engage with readers.

  • +79%visibility
  • +56%organic traffic
  • +97%time on page

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