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You need to drive more leads and sales quickly, and you heard that PPC management is a great option, but…

You have a thousand other things and worry about wasting money on paid ads. Should you risk messing up a campaign, or drain your marketing budget?

You need the best PPC management by professionals who care about your results.

What if you could have PPC management services tailored to your business by a group of trusted PPC managers on your behalf?

Imagine being able to relax knowing that a group of experts is handling every inch of your PPC campaigns. Our professional PPC management team can help you with any platform in any industry to drive profits today!

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Access PPC management specialists

You will get a dedicated PPC specialist to oversee your account. Our job as a PPC agency is to take the overwhelming aspects of PPC marking so you can focus on your business.

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Amazing Customer Service

We pride ourselves on having a culture obsessed with your customer satisfaction. Our PPC management services are built on innovation and constant communication to ensure you know ho your accounts are performing at all times.

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Full Transparency

You will know exactly how your PPC management services are performing. Our monthly PPC marketing reports outline revenue, optimizations, and suggestions along with ad spend and management fees.

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Let us take your business to new heights!

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Complete Keyword Research

Your PPC manager will be obsessed with getting your ads to show to the right people at the right time. We begin all PPC management services with comprehensive keyword research to ensure your campaigns appear to the right people based on their search intent.

Our PPC marketing packages include all the heavy-lifting to understand what people are searching for, what your competition is bidding on, and how we can maximize your marketing budget.

Your PPC specialist will get you found more often by the right people ready to buy from you now.

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Landing Page Optimization

The success of any PPC marketing strategy depends on the quality of your landing pages. Our team of PPC experts knows how to look at the right data to understand how your customers are interacting with your ads online and how to improve performance.

If needed, our PPC manager will create new landing pages to test a new message for people who click through the ads. Our PPC management services include end-to-end versatility, so we have the ability to test and optimize every inch of your PPC campaigns.

Engaging Ad Creation

Our team will research keywords, create split-tests, and write amazing ads to get clicks. We tap into enterprise tools and deep-dive into data to lead our PPC strategy with ads that get top placement and drive more engagement.

Your PPC manager will optimize your campaign’s content and presentation to test the effectiveness of different ads. We also target customers with advanced geotargeting and other settings to ensure we reach your qualified audience.

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Reporting & Proof Of ROI

Platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook offer excellent tracking. Your PPC manager will wade through all the data and present the metrics that matter most to you.

We’ll set up complete tracking for your media campaigns so you know every call, click, and sale from paid campaigns. Our team also provides in-depth reports so you know the results of your ad spend.

This information is presented in a monthly report that is easy to understand and insightful. Your PPC management package also includes a monthly call to discuss performance and strategy.

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Effortless Project Management.

We keep you posted throughout your project.

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Remarketing Campaigns

Our PPC management services go beyond just clicks on ads, and we offer solutions to help you get the most bang for your advertising buck. Your PPC strategy could include remarketing campaigns that help you reach customers who have shown interest in your products or services.

Depending on your needs, we will develop a custom PPC management package to help you retarget customers to help decrease ad spend while driving qualified leads that get you more sales!

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Paid Social Media Marketing

Unlike other PPC management companies, we know how to get you found on platforms other than Google and Bing. Our PPC managers have experience driving profits with PPC strategies on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Your PPC strategy will be tailored to your business, product and service, and customer needs. If needed, we will include Paid Social Marketing options in your PPC management solution!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use PPC marketing?

Paid advertising is a great solution if you want to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. You will love our professional PPC marketing services because Pay-Per-Click marketing is scalable, quick, and flexible.

PPC marketing is measurable and results are faster than SEO, and we will help you fine-tune your PPC strategy to complement other marketing channels.

Why do I need a PPC management company?

PPC is an investment in your company, but you can waste a lot of time and money if you do not know how to run a PPC campaign.

If you don’t have proper keyword research then you may be targeting the wrong audience.

You can rest assured that your dedicated PPC manager will constantly monitor and update your PPC account to take care of everything from ad creation, optimizations, and reporting so you don’t have to.

This means that you can focus on running your business, and enjoy the benefits of PPC marketing today!

Why should I pay for search engine results?

If you want to get found online then you need to appear at prominent positions and outrank your competition.

The truth is that Google and other search engines reward companies who pay for ads, and you can guarantee prominent positioning on Google, BING, and even social networks.

Our team will work with you to rank in search engines to decrease your spending and boost performance with expert optimizations.

How can PPC help my business?

PPC marketing is a great channel for almost any company. If you are serious and want to hit your goals then you will benefit from PPC in many ways, including:

  1. Promote a new product/service
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Generate quality traffic to your site immediately
  4. Boost sales and land more leads
  5. Target the right people with the right message at the right time
  6. No guessing- you can track everything with advanced reporting
Who is using PPC marketing?

Your competitors are doing everything they can to put you out of business. This means that you need to take advantage of every marketing channel available to ensure your online success and drive your business goals.

Almost every business should be using PPC marketing because paid advertising can have immediate benefits.

PPC advertising is an investment, and if you have high margins then you will enjoy the benefits of paid advertising.

Is your business seasonal? PPC advertising is great for companies that have seasonal trends. You can quickly attract qualified leads with online ads and this will help you reach your business goals.

Paid search is a great solution for most companies, and our team will help you understand if PPC marketing is a good solution for you!

How much does PPC usually cost?

You will be charged each time someone clicks on an ad, and this price will vary based on a number of factors.

Typically, you will pay more for keywords with more competition and your total daily budget.

Our PPC managers will determine what terms you should rank for, optimize over 25 variables for your accounts, and the only bid based on what makes sense for your company.

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BRAC is a body of apartment owners in the Charlottesville, VA area that works to ensure the success of each of its members. However, as the apartment industry continues to become more competitive, BRAC needed help to ensure their online presence and attract qualified leads for their individual member apartments.

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