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As an attorney, you know that writing skills for your Internet marketing strategy are essential for your success. You rely on your ability to articulate your thoughts and persuade their audience to win cases. Law firm marketing relies on the same skills that make you an excellent attorney because your online audience needs the same kind of persuasion to win their trust online.

While excellent lawyers craft a solid brief to win more cases, those same attorneys struggle to write compelling content. Professional online copywriting services can help attorneys craft a great message and drive more clients to their law firm. Poor copywriting will have an enormous impact on the overall marketing efforts of your law firm, and cause a major hit to your bottom line.

If you are spending money on PPC, or other forms of paid advertising, then your copywriting has to be rock-solid and resonate with your reader and get them to convert. Freelance copywriting is a great investment for law firms who are looking to drive qualified traffic to their firm so they can focus on cases and grow their business instead of wasting time and money on marketing efforts that fail.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your law firm website copywriting to establish rapport, build confidence, prompt action, and convert your readers. The end goal is to increase conversions and grow your law firm.

1. Speak To Your Audience

The first tip to improve your law firm marketing is always to speak to your reader. This will look different depending on what type of law you practice, who your audience is, and what their needs are.

The most important thing to remember when creating content for your law firm is that you are dealing with real people, and they are looking for your law firm as a solution to their problems.

Be sensitive to the emotional state of your audience when writing copy for your website to draw them in and build rapport.

Always personalize your content and show your reader that they are going to work with real people. An excellent example of this can be seen on the Trust Tree “About Us” page. I love the great website copy used on this page to invite their readers into the lives of the attorneys. Plus, this page doesn’t hype the intellect of the attorneys and staff like many law firm websites do. The attorneys at Trust Tree use humor to show that they are not only professionals in their field of law but also know how to treat their potential clients as people.

2. Offer Solution-Based Services

The next step to create compelling law firm marketing copy is always to talk about the needs of your audience. This means reducing the amount of unnecessary jargon and using terminology that is approachable and concise. People know that you are smart because you are an attorney. Instead of pumping out a bunch of copy that states your intellect, you should be writing copy to compel your audience with the value you offer to their specific needs.

The primary focus of your website should be to attract, persuade, and convert potentials into paying clients. Stay away from making statements and use your firm website as a tool to show value and address concerns of your audience. You should center your SEO marketing strategy around the needs of your clients, so your law firm will rank in Google based on the questions and issues that your clients face.

I have seen many law firms forget to connect the needs of their audience with the solutions they offer. This not only helps your reader identify their needs and connect with solutions from your law firm but also helps them understand what they need.

3. Each Page Has A Purpose

Marketing for lawyers is unique because attorneys deal with a particular set of services for a very particular set of clientele. As is the case with any highly competitive niche, marketing for law firms relies on maintaining a strict focus on each page and piece of content.

If you want your law firm to excel, make sure that you build each page of your website with a particular purpose in mind for your readers. Optimize each page with graphics, relevant content, and strong Call To Actions.

When you write copy for a page with a specific purpose in mind, you not only help orientate your audience, you also help Google understand your content. The best way to ensure each page has a single purpose is to break out pages that deal with too many issues. An example of specific pages include:

  • Only having bios on the “About Us” page.
  • Writing for the needs of a specific audience on that audience page. For example, only writing for small business owners on a page for small businesses.
  • Expand on the services of your law firm only on the “Services” page.

Law Copywriting Tips For More Clients With Landing Pages

Landing pages played a significant role in the content strategy of your business and integrated into the content mapping you use for your business.

Each landing page should have a defined and focused behavioral statement. A landing page should steer your audience to make a particular action. Landing pages should focus on one of your user personas since each landing page should be unique for a custom audience.

Your landing page should reflect the unique brand of your business by using consistent tone, color, and logos that are in use throughout the rest of the website. Due to the focused nature of a landing page, there are some crucial design elements to keep in mind.

  • Your audience is quickly browsing on your website. You don’t want your message to get lost in a pile of text. Consider breaking up long blocks of text, and I suggest not using any more than two sentences.
  • Use strong Call To Actions and remember your landing page should convert, not entertain or inform. I suggest using a Call To Action every 100 – 125 words to encourage your audience.
  • Your audience reads your copy from left to right. You want to keep images on the right side of the screen. This will prevent your image from dominating the screen and burying your messaging.
  • Buttons can help drive conversions, and that is the primary focus of a landing page. Test colors and wording, along with placement on the page. I recommend putting buttons on their row (no text to the left or right). Also, use a color palette that is not the same as your primary color palette, so it sticks out more.
  • Only use images on landing pages if you need them. On mobile and smaller screens, images move into a single-column for responsive design. This can push your text to undesired locations so check your content!
  • Use video if you can, because the video is an excellent way to create a personal appeal to your content. You can also show a lot more content in an emotional manner through a short video than you can use just text.
  • Integrate testimonials when possible. Testimonials are an excellent way to promote claims on landing pages. I recommend always using testimonials on a landing page. I recommend placing testimonials near Call To Actions and your main buttons. This will draw the eye of your reader toward that area, and encourage action with the validation testimonials provide.

While a video is great, you will likely still need some copy of the landing pages. Great copy will help you with Search Engines and deliver your message if your video isn’t watched.

How To Create Landing Pages For Small Law Firm Websites

Here are some ideas to create a great copy on your landing pages.

  • Always place your strongest points at the top. People will be scanning your page from top to bottom, left to right. By putting your highest points at the top, you ensure your audience will read them.
  • The purpose of each landing page is to have your audience take action. To encourage this, be sure to always use action-orientated words.
  • Use bullet points when possible. Your audience is likely scanning your content, so don’t bury your message. Use short bullet points to get needed information to your reader without weighing them down.
  • Use underlined text sparingly. Your audience is used to clicking on highlighted text because it looks like a link. You don’t want your audience to click on the regular copy because they may think you are tricking them and this will reduce trust and credibility.
  • Try not to use bolded text too often. Only bold your text on things that are important, like trigger words or essential phrases.
  • You can use italicized text more often than underlined or bold text because it is not as disruptive. You only want to use italicize when necessary, and when it makes sense. Use with caution… but use to make a point.

Digital marketing depends on strong copywriting for any industry, and this remains a vital component of law firm marketing. Without great copy, your law firm can’t connect with your readers, convert prospects to paying clients or stand out from your competition.

If your law firm is looking for a professional freelance copywriter to help you attract and convert the clients you need, then feel free to reach out and let’s talk about how we can grow your law firm together!

Now it’s your turn! Let me know in the comments below about how your law firm marketing creates great copywriting to attract new clients!

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