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Chris Giarratana

Orlando-Based Digital Marketing Expert

Like you, I am passionate about business. As a digital marketing consultant, I have had the chance to help with a broad range of firms and startup just like yours.

Business owners are searching for the best ways to increase traffic and boost conversions. Digital marketing can be tough, and I have seen business owners run after online success in many respects. Should you go with Google Adwords? What about organic SEO and inbound marketing? Or should you focus on landing pages?

My purpose is to help business owners, just like you, drive profitable growth through content strategy, SEO marketing and other digital marketing tactics.

How I Got My Start In Digital Marketing

How did your business begin? Was it a straight path, or did you take several turns and discover your passion and find your purpose?

If it is anything like mine, then your journey started at a fantastic point and grew through the fire. That is the same path my journey through digital marketing took as well.

I started my career in digital marketing when I created a nonprofit in college. During that time I had a zero dollar budget, so I had to teach myself about website design and search engines. From there, my interests grew, and I worked on everything from Email Marketing to SEO marketing and Paid search.

Finding My Love Of Marketing & Business

I graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana (Go Griz!). Not the granola eating, tree hugger you expected, right?

Just kidding- I love experiencing nature and studying the vast ecological system. The inner workings ecosystems are amazing. I was captivated by the framework of interactions and the way different pieces fit together in a community.

After graduating, I ran several businesses. One was a success; the other two were not so much. But I learned a lot about how companies operate and found my calling to use digital marketing to help drive revenue for nonprofits and small business owners.

Now, I get to work with business, startups, and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. Your business will benefit from the experience I bring to the table. Check out this list of happy clients who I have helped reach their business goals with proven digital marketing strategies!

Continuous Learning, Teaching & Speaking

If you are reading this, then you probably like to learn as much as you can. I am the same way, and I am a serial self-teacher. I enjoy discovering new ideas and finding ways to apply those ideas to my clients.

The only cost of loving to learn is to teach. If you don’t show other people what you learn then, you are wasting that knowledge. This is why I produce regular content on my blog about topics ranging from business development and content strategy to specific channels like email marketing and landing page optimization.

Every month I co-host a Meetup to help small business owners identify ways to improve their website and online marketing. It’s great to work with small business owners just like you each week to hear about their concerns. The best part of the Meetup is to see how small business owners boost their revenue with our suggestions!

Personal Note: Before I Go…

Biographies can be weird. You have to set yourself up and make yourself sound important, so people know that you are the real thing. You know, that you are not lying and that you are worth the money they will pay for hiring you.

I’m approachable and a regular guy. I just happen to be knowledgeable and passionate about digital marketing. I love talking about business ideas and enjoy meeting interesting folks. Never hesitate to introduce yourself to me when you see me at the grocery store or the gym, okay? I’m a cool guy. I promise.

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What I Am Passionate About

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