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Effective apartment marketing takes time and conscious effort to grab the attention of potential renters and then lead them through the leasing process. If you manage an apartment complex, then you likely know how difficult it can be to budget time and resources to online marketing efforts.

Everything from optimizing your apartment website and developing technology for virtual tours all takes a lot of time and energy to plan and pull off successfully.

Even if you see a list of marketing ideas that you want to use to engage prospective tenants, the amount of time and energy required to pull off the strategy can seem complicated. We work with several apartment communities around the U.S., and we put together a few ways to take advantage of digital methods for some great apartment marketing tips.

property managers apartment marketing ideas


1. Facebook Remarketing

Some of the best marketing ideas for apartment buildings start by looking at what you and your friends do every day when you are searching for things online.

As with all marketing, you want to be where your potential renters are. Facebook is a great place to deliver messages to your audience because people go to Facebook while they research move-in apartments.

You can either use high-quality prospecting strategies to reach your audience, or you can use Facebook remarketing. We recommend that most property managers go with Facebook remarketing because this approach will save you time and money, plus you will be conducting outreach marketing to individuals who have already qualified themselves since they went to your website.

apartment marketing ideas facebook remarketing

While it may seem scary or complicated, the fact is that Facebook remarketing tools are designed to connect with people who have already expressed interest in your product or service as they’ve visited your website or clicked around on your page in the past.

This means that you can invest in Facebook remarketing campaigns to show relevant ads to prospective renters who have already visited your apartment website but did not convert at that time.

As Facebook grows and changes, it has started to focus more on businesses and ad space that can be beneficial for apartment marketing and generating interest from a target audience. Leasing managers who are involved in the marketing and selling of an apartment can use their website analytics to track traffic from Facebook and their websites.

Facebook remarketing through Facebook Pixel can track if a person has visited your website, and can present relevant ads to them about your apartment community or a specific floor plan when they next log into their Facebook page.

Prospective tenants who visit your site are more likely to lease from you, so you can use their interest in your community as a way to target ads to individuals even after they leave your site. The entire marketing strategy uses a Facebook Pixel, which can be used to target people on Facebook who have already visited the website to show them more information about apartments based on what they were searching before.

Apartment marketing managers can send interested individuals Facebook remarketing ads to encourage potential buyers to schedule a tour of an apartment or property that they were interested in. These tour schedules can be used through a Facebook form, as a link on an email newsletter, or send the individual to your main website.

You can use advanced settings in Facebook to drill down on who your ideal tenant is and only show remarketing ads to those people. For example, remarketing efforts can focus on people who visited your website, but who didn’t schedule a tour.

A Facebook ad can then be used to remind people that scheduling a tour is easy, along with pictures of your apartment community and other relevant information to spark interest. Remarketing is useful for individuals who viewed a specific apartment floor plan, which could be targeted with information on family amenities, pet policies, neighborhood benefits, and more.

If your community has sister properties nearby, this is also an opportunity to market those as options for people who are interested in moving. Additionally, both your audience and your ads are dynamic; they should often change to grab people’s attention and prevent message fatigue from the same ad or banner being shown to them on the same websites they visit frequently.

2. Google Banner Remarketing

Banner remarketing tools are used to get new information in front of a wider audience and engage people who showed particular interest in your apartment listings. With all the ads competing for space on the internet, having one that is unique and effective can go a long way towards attracting the right audience to your apartment community.

Google Remarketing banner ads are intentionally aimed at potential customers who have already expressed interest in your product or service by visiting your website. While other marketing strategies focus on the intent of users, you can use banner remarketing on Google as a way to remind people that they were interested in your content.

apartment marketing ideas google display remarketing


Banner ads allow you to stay engaged with this target audience in addition to introducing your brand to a new set of eyes as they browse the internet because your ads will appear on various sites around the Web. These kinds of digital ads are designed to reinforce what you are offering and engage multiple marketing methods to drive your target audience towards action effectively.

property managers apartment marketing ideas

Your banner ads can be as specific as providing complementary information to people who looked at a particular page on your website, leading them to additional information that could interest them further in your apartment community. However, ad burnout is real, so there is also a benefit to placing frequency caps on banner ads to keep people from being inundated with the same ad too many times.

It is important to note that Google remarketing ads are a great way to get your apartment in front of a lot of people, but the Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) has gone up significantly and some marketers have experienced decreased conversions. This is why we recommend that you look into Facebook remarketing (#1) before diving into Google Display Remarketing, but it is up to your marketing team to choose based on goals and budget.

3. Customer Reviews on Google

When people want to learn more about a product or a service, they turn to Google for answers and insight. Google gives us information from around the massive worldwide Web and creates a list of the most relevant sources for what we need.

Your advertising budget is likely limited, so you need to use as many free or inexpensive tactics as you can. One idea that you can use today to power-up your marketing plan is to get more recommendations and reviews from past/current tenants on your Google My Business listing (GMB).

Your GMB listing will be a central part of your local SEO marketing strategy, and you will quickly find how powerful this channel is to drive conversions at a lower cost than many other channels.

apartment marketing ideas google my business reviews

Reviews are one way we decide if we want to eat at that new restaurant if that new art gallery is worth going to, or even if the apartment that you are thinking of relocating to offers the amenities we depend on. This means that you can create a marketing strategy around contacting your tenants and ask them for a review.

As a result, your community will build a powerful word-of-mouth marketing campaign, and you can sign more leases as your GMB page racks up more positive reviews.

Reviews are highly beneficial, especially when looking for an apartment because people need to trust your staff and community before they schedule a tour or sign a lease. Customer reviews give people an expectation for the experience they’ll have, from going on a tour to doing the paperwork to actually moving in and living there.

Google My Business Reviews allows you to verify your business (in this case, an apartment community or rental company) and provide customers with contact information, location information, and more. You need to make sure that this information is up to date and relevant to make it easy for people to find you and contact you.

This resource also allows you to see what clients are saying about you, so you can adjust your community and provide better service for tenants. You can use these reviews as marketing materials for your apartment website, at housing fairs, on social media, and on other physical marketing materials. The words of people you’ve assisted with finding an apartment can be the most beneficial marketing tool that you have.

property managers apartment marketing ideas

With a base of client reviews already built, you can encourage new clients to review your business on Google as well to keep the ball rolling. Marketing tools like Google My Business Review can be used to help past and current clients to review their experience with you on Google, whether they purchased an apartment, are going through the process, or just had a great experience with your easy to use the website and scheduled a tour of your property.

4. Landing Pages

You likely already know how vital your apartment website is, but did you know that most apartments can use landing pages to boost their bottom line? Landing pages for apartment communities are a place to send your online and mobile device traffic to that is engaging, entertaining, and informative.

Whether you are sending traffic from Google PPC ads, email blasts, or Facebook ads, you need a landing page that is optimized for humans and robots.

As potential clients navigate this landing page, they can then choose to head on to your main website as they get more information about what you are offering. This means your landing pages need to be clear, concise and designed to drive a specific action that you desire your prospective tenants to take.

A landing page is designed to be a place where everyone can come to, whether they are just browsing or are seriously looking for a new apartment to rent. This page will attract people in your general location as well as those looking to relocate from elsewhere.

You want this to be a page that separates people who are just curious from the people who are seriously looking to find a new place to live.

Sometimes going straight to a company’s website can be jarring- you’re not sure how it works, where the links are, and clicking around to find the information you need can be time-consuming and ultimately unproductive. You need your landing page to be a place that makes your website easier to understand for people who choose to go there.

A useful landing page will have:

  • An engaging headline
  • Well curated images
  • A call to action
  • A video tour or short clip
  • Links to pages on your website
  • Contact forms
  • A summary of your property and neighborhood amenities
  • More property photos
  • A map of the area
  • Starting prices for apartments

You should tailor your landing pages to your audience- people who are looking at three bedroom apartments, for instance, may have kids and pets. The most effective way to market to them will be to follow up with information on dog parks, pet deposit information, nearby schools and other educational opportunities, and other kid-friendly features of your apartment community.

People who searched for one bedroom apartments or studios could be reached with information about the neighborhood nightlife, events in the apartment community, nearby amenities, transportation information, and more.

Basically, we can guess individual bits of information about people based on what they are searching for and looking at online. Then we can go from there with remarketing opportunities to continue engaging with this audience.

5. PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing is a way to generate income based on website traffic, and you can use PPC marketing for your apartment complex since it is an effective way to drive more potential renters to your site. The more click-throughs there are, the more interaction you have with potential clients.

To be effective, you want to reach an audience that is looking for an apartment in their budget range, in your location, right now. However, these people may not be from your city, your state, or even your country. This makes PPC marketing both incredibly broad and focused at the same time.

property managers apartment marketing ideas

Traffic to your website is often driven by non-digital sources; people could find out about your apartment community or rental company through a friend, from a paper ad in a newspaper, or from a sign or housing event.

If they come to your website, they are searching for more information specifically about what you have to offer them. This can lead to a higher click-through rate as well as provide an opportunity to engage with a motivated renter.


Branded keywords are a way to make sure people are finding you online. Branded keywords can include the name of your business, your apartment community, and the name of your city and state.

All of these pieces of information are used to find your company specifically, and it benefits you to have those search rankings lead directly to you.

By utilizing specific keywords, you can also keep yourself away from your competitor’s ads and search terms that may include multiple resources on one search page. You can’t get rid of your competitors online, but you can make sure that your information and website aren’t overshadowed by someone else’s. PPC marketing is an investment, so you should be sure to provide benefits and features in your ads to drive more qualified clicks.

You can include messaging like incentives for signing a lease during a specific period with Promotion Extensions, or showing pet owners that your property is pet-friendly in Sitelink Extensions.

You can also use geo-targeting tools in Google Ads to ensure that your ads only reach people in a specific area instead of spending money on an audience that would not be physically able to rent with you.

These settings can be changed to target a sizeable relevant area while excluding cities or other apartment communities that may share the same name. Narrow your search terms down as much as possible to make sure you are catching people who are searching for you.

The Ultimate Takeaway For Your Apartment Community

Ultimately, all of these tools are designed to work in tandem as a remarketing and marketing scheme to generate more digital leads. They take time and effort to do right, but in the end, are more than worth the effort in terms of effectivity.

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