73 Proven Apartment Marketing Ideas

Simple & effective apartment marketing ideas property managers can use today!

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  • Instant access to the “MUST HAVE” list of marketing ideas for your apartment community.
  • 15 digital marketing ideas that you can use today.
  • 6 effective ways to engage your residents to sign more leases.
  • 8 fun on-site events that your residents will love while building community.
  • 5 ideas to partner with charities & non-profits to grow your outreach efforts.
  • 10 proven ways to engage your residents to improve renewals.
  • 15 traditional (offline) marketing ideas to generate more leads & leases.
  • 14 ways to partner with local businesses to increase your exposure.

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Simple & Effective Apartment Marketing Ideas That Property Managers Can Use Today!

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The Ultimate Apartment Marketing Guide For Property Managers

Owners and managers of apartment communities are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract more attention, sign more leases, and have their tenants stay longer. Property managers knows that every unit not rented is lost revenue each month.

We know that you and your team are stretched thin, and your marketing strategy needs to run on a tight budget. Even if you have the budget to try new initiatives, you can find it difficult to come up with ideas while executing those marketing ideas.

Every apartment is unique, and you can check out this huge list of marketing ideas to use if you aren’t satisfied with your property’s occupancy or you want to see a bigger ROI for your marketing investments.

Online Apartment Marketing Ideas

1. Google My Business & Local SEO

local seo apartment marketing

Build local citations (free) to improve your ranking in Google. Local SEO is a great way to stand out as people search for apartments in your area. All of your information should be the same across all citations to ensure people and search engines present your apartment information correctly.

2. Run Facebook Prospecting & Remarketing Ads

facebook ads apartment marketing ideas
Image Source: https://www.stonefishllc.com/2016/03/advertise-on-facebook/

If you have an active Facebook page, you can run paid Facebook ads to either reach a broader audience or remarket to people who visited your site. Remarketing is a great option if you want to engage potential renters who visited your site but did not submit their information. Either option is a great way to build your apartment marketing strategy!

3. Create Custom Landing Pages

apartment marketing custom landing pages online marketing apartment advertising

Your team can build unique landing pages on your site for different marketing initiatives. You can use this idea to bring the local preferred employer idea to the next level, or you can use landing pages to make your PPC and SEO marketing efforts more profitable.

4. Maintain A Blog

You can share tips about apartment living, the city, or lifestyle information to help tenants enjoy themselves and improve their life in your community. Your apartment blog should focus on non-business related information to engage your ideal tenants.

Not only will this content help your apartment gain more visibility online, but you can also use the blog posts on social media posts!

5. Google AdWords Marketing

If you want to reach a targeted audience in a cost-effective way, then you should look at Google Ads as part of your marketing mix. You can set up campaigns to reach qualified leads and optimize the account to ensure your advertising dollars are spent in the best way possible.

6. Make The Most Of Social Media Networks

social media marketing apartment marketing ideas

It is obvious that you need to use social media to get your apartment community found, but many property managers struggle to implement a solid plan. Here are some tips that you can use on any social media network to get more followers, reach more potential tenants, and improve your renewal rate:

  • Share event photos & news
  • Tweet and share small business updates
  • Share community pet photos
  • Share photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Post “this or that” types of questions
  • Send out the community newsletter

7. Improve Your Site’s SEO

seo apartment marketing

Search Engine Optimization can help your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. Your team should provide helpful information on your website and promote floor plans and additional information that your renters want to know. Be sure to work with an apartment marketing agency to ensure your SEO is done correctly for maximum results.

8. Run YouTube Videos Like Commercials

youtube apartment advertising online marketing apartment ideas

Like other marketing channels, your team can use paid YouTube advertisements to build your brand. You can optimize ads to only show to people in a specific geographic area or interest. This means that your team can build your brand and generate more buzz around your apartment and upcoming specials.

9. Update NAP On All Citations & Website

Along with Local SEO, you will need to make sure that your Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP) are consistent across all citations and on your website. Not only is this information essential to help renters contact your office, but it is also used by Google to rank your apartment in Google My Business. Make sure this information is consistent across all sites and apartment listings.

10. Improve Website Meta Descriptions

ideas for apartment marketing metadata

Meta Descriptions are the preview text that people read if your website pages show up in search engines. You need renters to click on your links, and Meta Descriptions can improve Click-Through Rates (CTR) and overall conversions. The Meta description is no longer thought to be part of the search algorithm, but it is used as part of your Google results.

11. Personal Video Tour

Are you looking to reach potential renters who live out of town? You can host video tours with a group of renters through Skype or other technology. Your team can host the video tours at specific times, and they can use a cell phone with an excellent camera to show the amenities and value of your property. This approach can help personalize every tour, and open your property to renters who are not able to come to your property in person.

12. Incentivize Facebook Check-Ins

Your property already has lots of tours each day, and your team already helps answer questions from potential renters when they stop in your Business Center. You can add value to each visit by incentivizing each renter and guest to check-in with Facebook or other social media to add more value to each tour. This can help reach other renters, and this domino effect can bring your apartment marketing ideas to the next level.

13. Create An e-Newsletter For Your Apartment Community

You should build an email list of current residents and keep in contact with them throughout the year. The purpose of your e-Newsletter is to provide helpful information around town. Think about anything that your residents will find exciting and promote that content through your email list. It’s important not to include any business information like renting or other content, and only include information that is fun, interesting, or helpful.

14. Feature Resident Testimonials In Marketing

People trust the thoughts and feedback of real residents over the apartment marketing material that you produce. You should use feedback and testimonials at the center of all of your apartment marketing ideas like on social media, your website, and even billboards. Nothing beats a positive testimonials of residents talking about how much they love the community.

15. Write Craiglist & Facebook Marketplace Listings

apartment marketing ideas facebook marketplace

You can use humor in your Craigslist ads. Instead of just focusing on the amenities, you can use funny messages and titles to grab the attention of readers. This will get your ads more attention!

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Simple & Effective Apartment Marketing Ideas That Property Managers Can Use Today!

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Apartment Marketing With Community Outreach

16. Preferred Employer Status & Special Perks

Stable jobs mean stable renters, and you can work with the largest employers in your area to create a special to encourage employees to contact your property office.

17. Feature Pet-Friendly Rental Properties

Does your apartment complex offer pet-friendly rental units? If so, you should take every opportunity to promote that to the community. Many renters are looking for an apartment that accepts dogs and cats, and your team can build a marketing strategy around the needs of this group. You should promote pet-friendly apartment homes on your website, but you can also partner with local dog parks and pet establishments to strengthen the local community and get in front of more potential renters.

18. Promote Your Staff

Your residents interact with your staff every day, and you can build a stronger sense of community by sharing information and tenure about the team. This information can be shared on your website and social media posts. Doing this can bolster your apartment’s reputation and help your residents get to know your staff.

19. Offer $5 Gas Cards For Each Tour

Everyone likes free stuff, and you should offer a $5 gas card to everyone who comes to tour your property. You can use a catchy phrase like “we are worth the trip” or something similar to get people in the door. You can team up with local gas stations to see if you can get free gas cards with large purchases. This approach will help your residents, help local gas stations, and get more people in the door for a tour of your property.

20. Send Snacks To Local Employers

You can send out snacks to local employers to share your love with employees in the area. Print out personalized labels to put on the bags or packages to tell more about your community. Be sure to add an inviting message to encourage people to come to talk to your team.

21. Offer Sun Block In The Sumer

The summers are hot, and you can create customized sunblock bottles for residents. These bottles can include promotions and other messaging about your community. Your team can distribute these bottles of sunblock to daycares, community pools, beaches, and even dermatologist offices!

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Simple & Effective Apartment Marketing Ideas That Property Managers Can Use Today!

Download Your FREE Guide. Save Time & Money.


On-Site Events To Improve Apartment Marketing

22. Host A Photo Walk

Is your apartment community located in an exciting area of town, or do you have unique elements around the property? If so, you could host a photo walk where residents can take pictures and post on social media. This approach can help bring your residents together and promote your community on social media- which will expand your reach and marketing efforts.

23. Host A Community Yard Sale

Springtime is a great time to host a garage sale where residents and their friends bring items to sell. This type of marketing event is an excellent idea because it can expose your property to the greater local community as people come to your apartment complex, looking for a great deal. While on-site, you can incorporate other apartment marketing ideas to get people to sign a lease or find out more information about your apartment community.

24. Dash For Cash Game

Hide fake money around your apartment community, and host an event for residents to look for the fake cash. Residents can take a certain amount of money off a month’s rent based on the amount of money they find during the event, and residents can earn money multipliers if they refer their friends and family to your apartment. You can also incorporate this marketing strategy to get potential renters to search for fake cash in show apartments- another great way to stack the benefits of your apartment marketing strategy!

25. Cutest Pet Contest!

You can host a pet contest to find the cutest pet at your apartment. This contest could include tenants taking photos of their pet and posting on social media. Each entry needs to mention your account. This approach will help your online profiles get more engagement, plus people sharing photos of their pets with your apartment’s name is social proof that your apartment is pet-friendly!

26. Free Lunch Friday!

Everyone loves a free lunch, and you can offer to host a Free Lunch Friday special for residents. Your team can partner with local restaurants for one resident each week. This will work like a raffle, and your apartment marketing idea will center around getting your residents to enter for the chance for a free lunch. This is an excellent idea to couple with other marketing strategies to keep residents engaged.

27. Spring Ice Cream Socials & Gatherings

Your team should think of ways to get residents and their friends to spend time on your property. One way to do this is to host social events like an ice cream social during the Spring. You can rent jump houses for kids, and develop a real sense of community for your residents. Each event is a fantastic opportunity for you to show off the excellent services you provide and the lifestyle offered at your property.

28. Host A “Dog Days” Event On Your Property

Everyone loves getting together during the summer, and you can host a “Dog Days” event for residents and their friends. This event will focus on having residents bring their dogs to run around your on-site dog park, and you can even bring a kiddie pool for dogs to relax in. This will create an excellent opportunity for your staff to meet and greet with residents and offer a way to get potential renters to your community ground!

29. Build Marketing Campaigns Around Holidays Each Month

An easy way to build a lasting relationship with your residents is always to celebrate a holiday each month. There are many holidays throughout the month, and you can choose one or two to focus on. Build a campaign with outreach marketing tactics to build a stronger community feel at your apartment. This will help your renters stay during renewal, plus these holidays make for accessible content to include in your e-Newsletter and website or blog.

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Simple & Effective Apartment Marketing Ideas That Property Managers Can Use Today!

Download Your FREE Guide. Save Time & Money.


Sponsorships & Charity Ideas For Apartment Marketing

30. Sponsor & Volunteer At Local Events

Is your apartment complex in the middle of town, or near an area that hosts lots of local events. If your community is in the general location of marathons or other large gatherings, you can build a strategy around supply stickers, water, and other items to event-goers. Runners at marathons will stop to get water, and your team can hand out water bottles that have labels with your apartment’s name and contact information.

31. Sponsor A Charity For Your Residents

Everyone loves being part of something that benefits the community, and you can build out a charity partnership for your residents. Hold a raffle or other contest to decide what charity to sponsor and talk with your residents to spread the word.

32. Sponsor Flower Plantings In Your Local Park

Many local parks will post a plaque of sponsors. Your apartment team can sponsor a beautification project and include your apartment’s contact information on the sign.

33. Sponsor A Local Bike Safety Program

You can contact your local police department to see if they are open to coming by your apartment community to host a bike safety program. This type of event helps kids learn bike safety, and this type of event is sure to draw a crowd of adults and families. You can use this event as a way to showcase the services and amenities of the community.

34. Become A Drop Off Site For Nonprofits

Your apartment can designate itself as a drop off point for events like Toys For Tots. Not only does this help a great cause, but it also ensures your community will get lots of traffic from local residents looking to participate in an actual event. You can take this apartment marketing idea one step further by promoting the event in your area through a PR push and outreach marketing.

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Simple & Effective Apartment Marketing Ideas That Property Managers Can Use Today!

Download Your FREE Guide. Save Time & Money.


Resident Engagement Apartment Marketing Strategy

35. Hold Focus Groups

You can invite current residents to participate in an exclusive focus group where you ask questions about what they like about your property. This is a great time to ask residents questions to help your team overcome objections and other common barriers when trying to pitch the apartments. This is also a great way to gather information for your marketing materials and FAQ section on your website.

36. Promote Pet-Friendly Referral Program

You can build an apartment marketing program around your pet-friendly rental units. This program will include offering supplies or marketing literature that can be placed in the venue of your choice. Simply talk with local establishments that are pet-friendly like:

  • Veterinarian offices
  • Dog groomers
  • Local pet supply stores
  • Humane societies

This is a great way to reach pet owners and showcase your community’s amenities that help pet owners.

37. Move-In Bags & Goodies

Your team can put together a quick and cheap bag filled with move-in items to welcome new tenants. Even though this idea is inexpensive, it can have a big impact on the positive emotion that your tenants will have for your community throughout the life of their lease.

38. Send Surveys To Residents

You can send surveys to current and past renters to help your team understand what amenities & features matter most. You can use this information to build out your PPC ads, website messaging, advertisement, and even tours!

39. Ambassadors Club

Promote community health and happiness with your residents by starting an Ambassadors Club. This group will be made up of residents who will volunteer as “greeters” in your Leasing Office and help with outreach marketing. This can be some of your best marketing ideas for apartments while also getting your residents to work together.

40. Use Resident Survey Scores In Marketing

Always use testimonials and resident scores in marketing materials. The best way to gather this information is to distribute a survey in emails and other notifications to residents. You can use the survey scores to promote the lifestyle and friendly staff. All of this information can power your marketing strategy and build interest in your community.

41. Personalized Offers & Upgrades

Many property managers focus their apartment marketing ideas around monthly discounts or upfront discounts for future renters. You can take a creative approach by offering upgrades like accent walls, new light fixtures, or resurfaced countertops throughout the year. Even if residents don’t accept the upgrades, your residents will love the idea of getting free improvements to their apartment.

Make It Easier For People To Communicate With Your Team

You can add Skype to your Business Center with a camera and a simple setup that will run you about $30. Implementing Skype will help potential customers tap into your Rental Center to reach your team easily.

42. Personalized Thank You Cards

You can get cheap Thank You cards printed and send them out to residents throughout the year. Everyone likes a thank you, and your apartment marketing can use this approach to build a sense of community. You can send these thank you cards for almost any event, but here are some ideas:

  • Immediately after a resident signs an apartment lease
  • Before a renewal season for residents.
  • During the holiday season

No matter the reason, a thoughtful thank you card is sure to make someone’s day!

43. Get People Excited To Decorate Their Apartment

People get bored in their apartments, and you can help get people excited about redecorating their apartment before renewal time. Instead of letting current renters leave to another community, you can host a Feng Shui class to help get renters excited about their apartment. The good feeling of making their apartment look great will be a good push to have renters stay and sign another lease for the coming year.

44. Resident Referral Program

Your current residents are your best marketing and sales team because they have friends and family members looking to rent an apartment. You can work with current residents by incentivizing them to talk to their network and drive more qualified leads to your Leasing Office. Each time a resident refers to a friend or family who signs a lease gets a gift, a surprise, or a discount for one month’s rent. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Traditional Apartment Marketing Ideas

45. Car Decals For Employees

You can increase your apartment’s exposure around town by encouraging employees to cling decals on their car doors or trunks. As they drive around town, people will see advertising on the cars, and this will help you get your name out there. This strategy has been successful for many industries, and you can incorporate this marketing idea to help your apartment get found and generate demand.

46. Stage Sample Units

You can stage units and invite potential renters to walk around and take a look at their future home. This is a great way to help prospective renters envision themselves in the unit.

47. Print Reusable Grocery Bags For Residents

Similar to the idea of printing t-shirts with your apartment information, you can get reusable shopping bags printing and hand them out to residents. These bags will show that your community is environmentally-minded, and reusable shopping bags are useful for residents as they go to the store. Along with their functionality, reusable shopping bags are also visible since people will see the bags as they are carried from the store to the resident’s trunk!

48. Use Electronic Billboards

If you are in a larger metropolitan area, then you likely have billboards… but you can use electronic billboards to show your apartment community on key roads at desired times. Unlike traditional advertisements, you will be able to target specific areas during a particular timeframe.

49. Scooter Bumper Stickers

If your town has a lot of scooters, your apartment can print bumper stickers to scooter owners. You can offer potential residents a discount if they put the bumper sticker on their bike. This is a great way to super-charge your apartment marketing ideas as you show off your apartment information as they drive around town with the bumper sticker!

50. Free T-Shirts!

Everyone loves a free t-shirt, and you can give shirts out to your residents. The shirt can have a strong promotional message on the back with your phone number. People will likely wear the shirt at the gym or in the park, and your residents will advertise your apartment to other qualified renters.

51. Yummy Renewal Letter

If you are serious about keeping current residents then you should provide renewals as part of your marketing strategy. Instead of sending traditional (and boring) renewal letters, you can send lunch to long-time residents as their lease is coming up. This will keep you top-of-mind, and you can start a conversation to ensure residents renew their contract at the perfect time.

52. Radio Marketing Isn’t Dead

Everyone listens to the radio as they drive between their home and work, and you can promote your community on public radio for a relatively cheap price. Be sure to create an engaging radio commercial and include an exclusive deal and password at the end of the business. Prospects will be able to use the code during their tour to get a discount in a nice and memorable fashion.

53. Host A Radio Remote

People love exciting events, and you can hire a local radio station to broadcast live from your community. Costs usually range from $1,500 – $3,000, but this price will be covered with just two leases. Plus, you will generate a lot of PR and buzz about your property, which can continue to pay off for months after the event.

54. Canvas Local Parking Lots

Everyone has a car, and you can place plain cards on car windows in popular stores in your area. The cards can have a message like, “We love your car! It would look great in our parking lot this fall!” This is a great way to reach potential renters for a relatively low cost and can help you engage future residents.

55. Make Lots Of Cheap Traditional Marketing Material

You can use online services like VistaPrint, to make lots of cheap, expendable marketing materials to get your apartment’s name out there. Some of the most successful marketing initiatives started by printing business card size marketing cards and dispense around town. These marketing cards should include a catchphrase, some benefits of renting with your apartment, and contact information.

56. Use Post-It Notes For Marketing Materials

Apartment marketing materials can be expensive, and you can cut costs while remaining creative by using Post-It Notes instead of costly flyers. Many property managers use Post-It Notes to market their apartment like:

  • Put short notes and apartment information on cars in shopping lots
  • Place notes with contact information inside apartment guides
  • Leave your information at frequently trafficked parts in stores

57. Print & Distribute Bookmarks In Printed Books

Your team can print bookmarks with your apartment’s information on it and put those bookmarks in published literature. A great way to use this in your apartment marketing strategy is to place the markers in various books at the library, apartment guides, and even community guides.

58. Bookmarks For Local Libraries & Schools

Your team can print and give custom bookmarks to local libraries and schools. Each marker can be decorated with bright colors and different shapes to match the library or school’s branding. Each marker can be outfitted with your apartment’s contact information and a brief message to promote your community.

59. Hang Banners Near The Road

You can tell passing drivers about your apartment with attractive and informative banners. These banners can go by the roadway or at your Leasing Office, and showcase different messages like:

  • Welcome, New Residents!
  • Change in management
  • Specials & Discounts
  • Key amenities

Local Partnerships For Apartment Marketing

60. Create An “Around Town” Guide

Your residents are likely from out of town, and you can build connections with local restaurants, bars, and other venues that your residents could find interesting. Building connections is important for SEO, and as you make a guide for residents, you can get the places you feature to link back to your site or online manual. This can help a lot with your apartment’s SEO strategy, get your apartment community found, and improve your residents learn more about why your apartment is located in the best part of town!

61. Offer A Trainer At Your Gym

Does your apartment have a gym or workout area? You can partner with a local physical trainer to have them come to your property and provide free or discounted training sessions with tenants in your on-site gym. This is a great way to build community, and get your tenants to see the value of staying at your apartment complex.

62. Get Involved With Local Gyms

Building a relationship with local gyms is a great idea to market your apartment. You can do this by buying protein bars and wrapping your community’s information on them and placing them in a basket at local gyms. You will need to build a relationship with the staff at the gym, but as you make the local relationships, you can start to market your community in a way that gets found by potential renters!

63. Print Coasters For Bars & Restaurants

Future residents frequent local bars and restaurants, and you can capture their attention by printing coasters with your information. Once printed, you can talk with local bars & restaurants to see if they are open to having your coasters in their venue for patrons to use. This is a win-win for both the restaurants and your apartment. Be sure to talk to local places before printing the coasters, and find a way to make a partnership benefit everyone!

64. Partner With Your Community

Work on building different ideas with your team to get involved with your community. Things, like hosting events, sponsoring local initiatives, and joining the Chamber of Commerce, can all yield great results for your apartment and drive your marketing strategy.

65. Advertise At Grocery Stores

Many local grocery stores allow marketing materials to be placed on their shopping carts. You can talk to a grocery store in your area to learn about pricing and availability. This marketing strategy can help you to target local residents looking for a new apartment!

66. Create A Partnership WIth Local Pizzerias

People love pizza, and you can build a relationship with local pizzerias to reach your target audience (especially if you offer off-campus student housing). Promote your community by placing a flyer on the top of all pizza boxes, and in turn, the pizzeria can provide a coupon in move-in baskets for new residents. It’s a delicious win-win!

67. Creative QR Codes & Placements

Is your apartment community in a crowded or popular area of town? Whenever people scan the QR code, they will be directed to a page on your site. You can customize the page with an exclusive coupon, unusual, or another message that will only be accessible by people who engage with the QR code. You can place the QR code stickers in some exciting places like:

  • Inside bathroom stalls of hip restaurants/bars
  • Window vinyl
  • Bus shelters, metros, etc.
  • Sidewalk decals
  • Table tents
  • Coasters
  • Exterior doors of your leasing center
  • Business cards and flyers

68. Personalized Tissue Packets

Most residents have to battle the cold weather during the Fall and Winter seasons. You can build your apartment marketing around giving to residents, and you can use personalized tissue packets to get your community’s name out there while helping our people in need. You can label each tissue packet with your apartment’s name and contact information, and leave the packages around town in places like a doctor’s office, etc.

69. Pet-Friendly Goodie Bags

You can partner with local pet stores to get a good deal on dog and cat supplies to build inexpensive pet supply bags. These bags can include lots of goodies like:

  • Dog treats
  • Small pet toys
  • Rawhide sticks

Each bag could have your business card and promote the fact that your apartment is pet-friendly, and you can include a catchy message like “We love pets!” to get potential renters interested in your community.

70. Customized Magazine Labels

You can get your apartment’s name out there by printing customized labels with your contact information on it. Once printed, work with local offices and waiting rooms that are frequented by the local community where patrons read magazines while waiting. You can slap the labels with your information on the magazines and leave at different offices like:

  • Doctor offices
  • Dentists
  • Car repair shops

71. Create A Unique Special At Local Restaurants & Bars

Is your community in the center of town or near several bars and restaurants? You can partner with the local venues to create your very own food or drink specials for your apartment! There is no better way to build a brand name than having future renters ordering a drink named after your apartment complex!

72. Partner With Local Veterinarians

Your team can build an apartment marketing strategy around local veterinarians to get your apartment contact information out in the broader community. You can promote being pet-friendly by leaving fliers at the front desk of vets and clinics that you partner with.

73. Personalized Coffee Sleeves

Everyone loves drinking coffee, and you can partner with local coffee shops to increase your apartment’s exposure in the community. Simply print some coffee sleeves with your apartment’s information on it and talk with a coffee shop owner so you can leave the sleeves at their establishment. This will be a win-win for the coffee shops and your apartment community because they will get free coffee sleeves and you will get a great way to reach potential renters.

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