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How Freelance Professionals Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

Now more than ever, companies are turning to freelancers to meet the growing demands of their businesses instead of taking on more full-time employees.

As remote work continues to increase in popularity, more and more people choose the flexibility of freelance work.

As a small business owner, you need to take advantage of freelancers and independent contractors.

This is the perfect way for entrepreneurs like yourself who are short on time or resources but have a big vision to grow their businesses.

Qualities Of A Freelance Professional How It Will Help Your Business 
Self Disciplined And Responsible Minimal supervision required, giving you extra time for other tasks
Financially-Driven And Motivated To Work Your tight deadlines will always be met
Professional And Highly Skilled Deliverables will be expert quality
Excellent Communication Skills Your message will be heard and expectations met


Does your company struggle with finding qualified employees? Consider using freelance work instead! Freelance workers can be found in almost every industry providing specialized skills that might not exist at your organization — all without having high overhead costs associated with hiring full-time staff members as well as benefits packages and other expenses involved in running an office space.

Job boards are filled with freelance designers, writers, and other talented individuals looking for a freelance job that allows them to make money and demonstrate their specific skills.

With so much freelance talent available, it’s no wonder businesses across the country are choosing to outsource various project-based jobs to the right freelancer.

Whether you are currently looking for the best freelancers or unsure of whether freelancers will offer the best work for your business, look at what freelancers have to provide and three reasons you need to develop a working relationship with a freelance professional today.

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What Does A Freelancer Have To Offer?

Freelancers are essentially on-demand workers. They offer specialized skills and expertise since they typically focus on a specific task like copywriting or SEO optimization.

Freelancing professionals act as partners, much like traditional employees, but some things make them stand out. Here are some benefits freelance professionals have to offer your business.

  • Partnership: A freelancer is a partner, much like a full-time employee, who wants to see your business succeed.
  • Decreased Overhead: Freelancers don’t need a benefits package, onboarding, vacation time, or even office space.
  • Increased Flexibility: Freelance professionals can meet tight deadlines that your staff may miss due to other required tasks.
  • Accountability: They need to live up to your expectations for deliverables, or else they will find themselves looking for a job sooner rather than later.

Freelancers are the on-demand workforce of today, providing specialized skills and expertise.

They offer a flexible work schedule while offering benefits that traditional employees don’t have, like innovation in problem-solving and more excellent industry knowledge.

If you’re looking for new talent to add to your business team or need some help with an upcoming project, it may be time to consider adding a freelance professional to your company’s roster!

Let’s example how hiring freelancers will improve your project rates and improve business operations.

3 Ways Hiring Freelancers Give Your Business A Boost

It’s always hard to find the time and resources to get things done. This is especially true when you’re juggling a full-time job, running your own business, and trying to maintain some semblance of social life.

Thankfully there are ways for you to take advantage of freelance labor without hiring an employee on a more permanent basis. Companies are starting to feel the pinch of employee rollover, and just as employees are starting to see the benefits of Work From Home, companies are starting to realize the benefits of hiring a freelancer vs. hiring a full-time employee.

Here are three reasons why you should start working with qualified freelancers in your industry.

1. Freelancers Are Highly Qualified Experts In Their Field

You may not realize it, but most freelancers are equally talented and capable as traditional full-time employees. Some freelancers are experts in their field because they continuously work to improve a particular skill set.

This is because freelancers have to keep up with the latest trends in the industry if they want to find new freelance jobs.

This means that freelancers are inherently self-motivated and if you can find a freelancer or marketing agency that has great case studies for you to review, you will be able to know the quality of their work before you hire them.

As a business owner, if you need help with a project, such as web design, copywriting, or creating templates for an e-mail campaign, you know that there are times where no one is available to pick up the slack. So, it all falls on you.

Even if your current staff is willing to try new things, they may not have the specific knowledge to complete a project effectively.

Freelancers are experts in their field. And because they have worked with various clients, they offer more insight into how to make your project a resounding success than an employee working for a singular entity.

2. Hiring Freelancers Helps Your Bottom Line

While hiring full-time employees to handle your assignments often works out fine, it comes with drawbacks should your company’s financial situation deteriorate.

You may find yourself having to let go of high-quality professionals and be unable to rehiring them once things improve because they have moved on.

When you hire freelancers, conditions are presented upfront. There is no expectation for long-term work, meaning if your numbers go south, you can stop sourcing projects to freelancers with minimal notice.

You won’t have to deal with the headaches of computer logins, health care, or potential legal battles. Hiring a freelancer is straightforward, and you can adjust the contract before a final decision to make sure your company is set up for success at each step of the arrangement.

Pricing is also a huge bonus when it comes to hiring freelancers. Most freelancers charge standard industry prices for their work and don’t require benefits packages. Many reputable freelancers offer SEO packages, copywriting packages, local SEO packages, and even PPC marketing packages based on your needs.

This means that outsourcing projects to a freelancer will increase your bottom line and allow you to use that capital elsewhere in your small business budget.

3. Freelance Professionals Offer Flexibility When You Need It Most

When you are working with a full-time employee, chances are they are juggling several hats. Sometimes tasks need to wait until other jobs are done, meaning deadlines get pushed back.

Flexibility is in a freelancer’s job description. Because freelancers work from home, outsourcing jobs to a freelance writer, graphic designers, or other qualified freelancers means you benefit from their driven work ethic. These professionals know how to work under any conditions and are experienced in honoring deadlines.

Since most freelancers don’t have an hourly rate, they are hungry to get jobs done, too. Even if you hire a freelancer on a retainer or package agreement, you can expect your work to get done on-time because the freelancer doesn’t get paid until the work is delivered to you.

This is a win-win for you and the freelancer that you hire

Additionally, they want to form a good working relationship with business owners like you so that they can count on more jobs in the future. This means they aren’t afraid to go above and beyond to meet a tight deadline with high-quality deliverables.

Once you develop a strong connection with a highly qualified freelancer, they will be able to give you the flexibility that will allow you more time you and your full-time employees to take care of other time-sensitive projects.

Hire A Freelance Professional To Help Your Small Business Get Ahead

Whether you run a startup or an established small business, hiring a freelancer can significantly impact your current and future projects. There is a great freelancer out there who will meet your expectation and your needs.

There are lots of places to find freelancers. Traditional sites like Upwork or Fiverr are great freelancing platforms.

You can also try LinkedIn or social media to see if any of your existing contacts can offer referrals for great freelancers they’ve used in the past.

Once you’ve experienced all the benefits a working relationship with a high-quality freelance professional can offer, you’ll never look back,

Why Hire Freelancer FAQs

A digital freelance copywriter does quite a bit of work: they edit, proofread, communicate with clients, and produce a wide variety of digital media.

Depending on the expertise and scope of the project, you should expect to pay a freelancer between $100 and $800 for website copywriting.

Yes, freelancers are highly skilled and qualified professionals who bring many benefits to the table.

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