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Is PPC Marketing A Good Option For My HVAC Company?

When it comes to connecting with new customers, Google HVAC Ads is one of the best digital marketing options for your company. HVAC ads on Google are one of the best advertising platforms for an HVAC company because your customers turn to Google for fast answers.

Unlike other marketing channels like Facebook, you can use HVAC ads on Google to drive more HVAC leads right when people need your services.

When people need an HVAC job, they need an HVAC profession right now. This means that you can use HVAC ads on Google Ads to reach people who are in an emergency situation and need you now.

1. Location Extensions

location extension google ads hvac ads

Your HVAC company relies on generating calls and getting people to your showroom. Even if you operate multiple locations, you need to get the attention of local customers who need your services.

Adding a location extension to your HVAC Google Ads can help you get found by users near your business location.

A short line will appear at the bottom of your ads that includes your business address. Once your customers click on this address, they will be directed to Google Maps with directions to your physical location.

In addition to increasing foot traffic, location extensions will help you show up in Google Maps. Opting-in for this extension enables your business to show up in Google Maps and the Map Pack of Google.

The main goal of this HVAC ad extension is to drive more foot traffic to your showroom or office. Since you will drive more local traffic, this is a great way to generate more local leads and convert customers near your business.

2. Call Extension

hvac ads call extension google ads

Your company needs to generate more leads and more qualified phone calls if you want to boost your book of business. The call extension is a great way to encourage people to call your business, and this extension puts your phone number at the forefront of your customer’s attention.

Phone calls are vital for your HVAC business, and a call extension gives your customers the information they need to talk with your team about their needs. The best part of a call extension is that you can track who calls the number on ads because Google provides unique tracking numbers on each ad.

Instead of guessing how many calls you receive each month from your HVAC ads, you can pull a report to see what ads are driving the most leads and have the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Use call extensions on your HVAC ads if you want to generate more qualified leads and boost sales. Once implemented, be sure that your marketing team provides the number of qualified calls you receive each month. Implement call extensions on your HVAC ads if you want to boost HVAC jobs and generate more leads at a low cost!

3. Sitelink Extensions

hvac ads google ads sitelink extensions

Your HVAC ads show at the top of Google, and you can use sitelink extensions to offer additional products and services to your audience. Your ads should only have one call to action (CTA) and a single focus, but you can use sitelink extensions on your HVAC ads to add multiple links to your ads.

These links will direct people to specific pages on your website other than the main one your ad is for. Each sitelink adds value to your ads since customers can find additional information that you want them to see.

Be sure to customize your sitelink extensions based on each Ad Group, since your sitelinks will appear at the bottom of your ads. You don’t want links pointing to pages of your site that are irrelevant to the primary need of your customers.

Some companies don’t like sitelinks on their ads since it opens up too many variables. Having a single CTA and link on each ad is typically the best approach, but you can add value and boost sales by adding sitelink extensions on your HVAC ads!

4. Callout Extension

Your customers are looking for the best HVAC company in their time of need, and you can highlight the value of your services with a callout extension. This extension allows you to add elements to entice your audience to choose your business over your competition without risking unwanted clicks as you can get from sitelink extensions.

Callout extensions are an excellent way for your business to write specific attributes about your business, products, or services. This line of text can help you stand out from your competition, and the value propositions are displayed as a short line of text.

A few of the best callout extensions for your HVAC ads include:

  • Same-Day Installations
  • Financing Options
  • Reliable Expertise
  • Available 24/7
  • Emergency Response
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Free Estimates

As you can see, you can add a lot of value by adding callout extensions to your HVAC ads. Not only will this extension help your ads stand out from your competition, but they will also help you boost sales and leads.

5. Structured Snippet


Structured snippets are another way for your business to stand out on Google. These snippets allow you to add more information to your HVAC ads by providing information about the products, brands, services, and locations that you serve.

You can use structured snippets to add value to HVAC ads because you can highlight what makes your business unique. Every part of your Google Ads needs to drive home what makes your business unique, and you can add information through structured snippets without cluttering your primary ad copy.

Need Help Setting Up Your HVAC Ads On Google?

Today’s HVAC contractors need to implement every advertising tactic available to get more leads and book more jobs. One of the best ways to improve your online presence on Google is through paid HVAC ads.

Since Google Ads is an investment, your business will need to optimize your campaigns to ensure you don’t waste any money on unqualified clicks.

Use the best Google Ads extensions to make your HVAC ads stand out and drive more qualified leads today.

Our team has a proven Pay Per Click setup and management system specifically designed for HVAC contractors. Give us a call if you need help setting up or managing your HVAC ads campaign in Google Ads today!

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