7 steps to hire the right freelancer 

Use This Guide For Hiring Freelancers That Will Meet Your Business Needs

There are times in every company when you have more work than employees, but hiring a new full-time staff member just isn’t within the budget. This is the perfect time to decide to hire a freelancer, and here are the seven steps to find the right freelancer for your project:

  1. Decide your operating budget
  2. Identify the scope of work
  3. Look for the best freelancer available
  4. Assess the freelancer professional’s skill set
  5. Offer the freelancer an agreement
  6. Maintain positive working relationships with the best freelancers
  7. Build a database of high-quality freelancers

If you are looking for your current project or productivity rate to take off, hiring freelance talent is one way to make it happen. Freelancers are independent contractors who set their own terms.

With no need for onboarding, a reasonable hourly rate, and expertise that leads to the best work possible, freelancers are game changers for many business owners.

Whether you’re looking for a freelancer for a short-term engagement, a temporary virtual assistant, or just to give your full-time employees some slack, let’s take a look at the seven steps you can take today to find an expert freelancer.

7 Steps To Find The Perfect Freelancer

The gig economy has seen a significant increase with the advent of remote work. This means there are lots of freelance talent to choose from.

When you hire an independent contractor, such as freelance writers or freelance designers, you want high-quality deliverables and fair pricing. It’s challenging to find that by just scrolling through freelancer platform job boards.

Business owners have undoubtedly heard horror stories of a continuous hiring process or freelance partnerships gone wrong. But if you do your research, you can easily avoid a headache and instead reap the benefits of adding a freelance professional to your team.

Use this step-by-step guide to help you expedite the hiring process and find the best freelancers for your next project.

1. Decide Your Budget

Before you officially get started, you’ll want to look at your hiring budget and see what you are working with. Hiring a freelancer is a great way to reign in your budget for one-time projects, but a freelancer can also take the role of recurring work if your budget allows it.

It’s important to remember that, while you may pay a bit more for a freelancer, it’s done for a short time and will elicit quality work. Freelancer cost depends on a few different factors. You’ll want to review the credentials and experience before hiring a freelancer, and you’ll want to check some other factors like:

  • Industry Project Rates: Most freelancers set their prices based on industry standards. They pay their taxes and technically run their own business.
  • Location: Depending on where the freelancer is based, you are looking at very different rates, which translates to different work quality.
  • Experience: A startup freelancer will have wildly different pricing than an expert who has been working on their skill set for years. It’s wise to pay more for experts in the field or niche.

When looking for freelance work to do, you might find it difficult finding the appropriate market rate if you are new. However, when conducting research on what other clients in your industry are paying and their standards of quality from past projects is a great place to start!

2. Identify The Scope Of Work

Once you know your budget, it’s time to determine the scope of work to communicate in the job description.

In order to secure a great freelancer, you need to provide the terms of the assignment in crystal clear language. Include specific details like word amount or color scheme, as well as intended audience and voice.

By writing a high-quality job description, you will guarantee several things when it comes time to continue the hiring process.

  • Accurate estimated deadline: When you expect a project to be delivered is one of the first thing you need to publish in a freelancer job description and convey during the interview process. This information helps you weed out freelancers who are overstretched, and this information will help the freelancer price out work. Expect a freelancer to charge more if you need a project done in a week compared to the same project delivered in a month.
  • Correct pricing: Just like dinner, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a cheap freelancer then you should expect to receive cheap deliverables. Make sure you understand pricing structure before you post a freelancer job description. Providing a fair price range will help you find the right freelancer based on experience, skills sets, and delivery timeline.
  • Define deliverables: You will need to outline what is expected of a freelancer on each job description and throughout the interview process. If you don’t highlight deliverables and what you expect from your contractors then you can’t expect them to provide the best work possible. It’s essential that you define what is expected, when it is expected, and what “complete” looks like so your freelance contractor can build a solution around your needs.

When you’re ready to hire a freelancer, make sure your job description is specific and clear. It should include the scope of work so that it can be easily understood by freelancers who are reading through dozens of applications each day.

Make sure to mention any necessary details such as word count or color scheme in order for freelancers with different skill sets to understand if they would like the assignment before applying.

3. Look For The Best Freelancer Available

Finding the right freelance contractor for your business can be a difficult and time consuming process. This is especially true if you’re not sure what to look for in a freelancer, or how to find them.

It’s easy to find any freelancer, but if you want a fantastic one, you’ll need to do some digging. You should look for some key aspects of a freelance candidate like:

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is key to a successful business, especially in the fast paced world of today. When you have flexibility and dependability during periods with low demand from your customers through hiring someone such as a copywriter that can fill in the gaps; it will allow for easier transitions when high-demand times come along without weighing down on employees or resources too much.
  • Scalability: Freelancers make it easy to develop new ideas without any reliance upon staff resources or waiting periods because they are always available to help out when needed!
  • Creativity: Increasing content marketing strategy through a fresh perspective is just one way to avoid the “echo chamber” effect of business culture. Hiring a freelancer can bring about this improvement and give you more creative ideas for your company’s success.
  • Efficiency: It’s not always easy to predict when the economy will go up or down, but you need an agile marketing strategy that won’t tank your bottom line.
  • Pricing Structure: Freelance contractors typically charge by the project, so you can find a pricing model that works best for your budget and needs. Some freelancers also offer their services on an hourly basis to make it easy to negotiate price with them in order not just what they produce but how much time goes into each piece of work.

You can expedite the search for a freelance contractor by working with a reputable Marketing Consultant who has the experience and skillsets you need to complete the job. Sure, you could spend hours sifting through inexperienced contractors on LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr, or you could avoid the risk and save hours of times by hiring a professional marketing partner.

4. Assess The Freelance Professional’s Skill Set

The only way to know that a freelancer can do the job you need them to do is to take a look at their previous work. There are many types of content in the world, and there are many types of freelance contractors available for your project, like:

  • Freelance Copywriter: A freelance copywriter is someone who can work on any number of projects in a variety of capacities. A freelancer has many benefits to offer, as they have more flexibility with their time and are able to pick up new skillsets quickly without worrying about getting fired or not meeting deadlines.
  • Social Media: Social media consultants offer a wide range of services to help businesses on the internet. They work with companies and individuals in order to identify what improvements need made, create an actionable plan for success, set goals that are realistic but challenging enough so as not be mundane tasks or too hard to accomplish; they also answer any questions about implementing changes when necessary.
  • SEO Consultant: SEO Consultants are the “jack of all trades” for a company’s internet marketing strategy. They typically cover everything from web analytics to link building and keyword research, but they specialize in making sure any potential SEO issues don’t get out of hand or negatively affect traffic flow on your site
  • Paid Advertising: An experienced PPC consultant can help you with your campaign in a more hands-on manner than an outsourced agency. You’ll be able to speak directly and get real time feedback from the specialist, who will know how to maximize your return on ad spend without wasting money.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing specialists are the behind-the-scenes heroes that make sure your brand’s message gets across to potential customers. With a build of targeted campaigns, they can drive traffic and boost their long term success!

Reach out to your personal network and ask them to lend a hand. It’s the smartest approach to get expert advice from someone in a similar role.

Regardless, always ask for samples or a portfolio of previous work. If they don’t have one, they probably aren’t the right fit for your business needs.

5. Offer The Freelancer An Agreement

Once you’ve found the perfect freelancer, you need to draft a contract to ensure both parties understand the expectation of the project. Here is what needs to be included.

  • Contact details of freelancer and client: This information is important because you need to identify the freelancer and your self in the legal documentation. Without this information your contract won’t be binding between you and the freelancer that you are hiring.
  • Project scope: You need to outline what you expect the freelancer to deliver and when. For example, you should include as much detail as possible and the date you expect the project to be delivered with the delivery date. This information will help you and the freelancer stay on track throughout the life of the project.
  • Pricing and rates: Be sure to include the rate and pricing structure that you and the freelancer agreed to. This should include the project budget, management fees, or hourly pay that you will provide the freelance contractor in exchange for their work. This information is essential to ensure you and the freelancer don’t run into disagreements down the line and it protects both parties.
  • Payment schedule and options: Many large projects like a website design or large copywriting project will require a down payment with payments throughout the project at specific milestones.
  • Kill fee and cancellation terms: Not all projects end successfully, and you should include a “kill fee” and cancelation terms incase the project has to end early. This part of the agreement is usually structured where the client pays a fraction of the total amount, but keeps all content. This payment agreement is typically structured like a payment schedule, where more money is provided to the contract at milestones since the client will receive more content.
  • Signatures: This is a no-brainer. You need to have everyone sign the agreement to make it binding. Send a PDF version of signed documents to all parties to ensure terms are not changed out or miscommunication that can happen with a Word document.

6. Maintain Positive Working Relationships With The Best Freelancers

You have to work hard at your relationships with freelancers if you want a successful career. Good client-freelancer relationships are imperative for freelancers because they can ensure that you enjoy your job, feel satisfied in the company of others, and get paid on time as agreed upon.

Poor freelance contractor relations will be damaging to any freelance services provider’s professional success and could result in them not getting their paychecks when it is owed or even worse never receiving payment for completed projects altogether!

Keep all interactions professional and positive. If you aren’t happy with something, speak up and offer constructive criticism. The worst thing you can do is keep your thoughts to yourself or approach the matter in with negative tone.

Lines of communications should be open and encouraged. Allow freelancers to reach out with questions or clarifications to ensure your job is done well the first time.

7. Build A Database Of High-Quality Freelancers

As you go through the vetting process multiple times, you will inevitably find people who you enjoy working with and wish to call upon in teh future.

Stay in touch, but don’t be afraid to try new freelancers. Over time, you will build up a solid network of great freelancers that you know you can depend on.

It will save you significant time and energy since you can skip the hiring process. You may even find someone who you can add as a full-time staff member when the time is right.

Even better, you will not how have freelancers you can recommend to members of your professional network, which will enhance those relationships as well.

Hire Freelancers To Bring Expertise And Productivity To Your Business

As you can see, by taking 7 simple steps, you can hire a great freelancer who you can call upon during your time of need.

It’s very similar to the hiring process for a full-time employee, which is why finding the right person is essential.

The more times you do it, the easier it gets. Keep searching for great freelance talent that will help you move your business forward to a bigger and brighter future.

Hire Freelancers FAQ

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Some signs you should hire a freelancer include inability to keep up with orders, creative block, and an overwhelmed staff.

No. Cheap SEO services can be dangerous and cause long-term harm to your business and website.

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