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To run a successful Google Ads campaign, you need to wear a lot of hats. From keyword research to writing amazing text ads, all Google AdWords management pros need to know how to attract and engage their target audience.

Since AdWords is based on paying Google for the chance to get found at the top of SERPs, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to write the best ads that speak to the pain points of your customers. Potential customers are searching for your products and services, and you can combine the technical aspects of Google AdWords with the creative side of marketing to drive more qualified leads to your landing pages.

Many advertisers think that knowing the technical side of AdWords is enough. They are under the impression that if they have the right keywords and add some ad extensions to their text ads, they will be successful with PPC marketing.

This could not be further from the truth.

Successful Google AdWords managers know that you have to optimize your campaigns for Google while also optimizing ad copy for your customers. Google Ads is just a conduit for you to reach your target audience, and it is your job as an advertiser to reach and engage your customers through great ads that resonate with the reader.

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The best performing search ads use tactics to make eye-catching ad copy that stands out from competitors. Not only does an active AdWords campaign have a high-quality score and CTA, but a great advertising campaign is driven with advanced freelance copywriting tactics to get relevant prospects to click on the ad.

In just a few lines of text, a fantastic copywriter can convince you that you really need something you never even knew about a few moments ago. That can, in turn, transform an unsuccessful AdWords campaign into a hugely successful one!

1. Include Numbers or Statistics in Your Headlines

People respond to numbers and stats – it’s that simple. Our brains are hardwired to find patterns, and you can make the decision-making process easier for your customers by highlighting how your product or service stands out compared to your competitors.

google adwords text ad copywriting tips numbers

While you probably know that it’s actually incredibly simple to fabricate a statistic, this doesn’t change the fact that most people sit up and take notice when they learn that 8 out of 10 customers loved X product. Or that the product is 99% effective.

Try and find stats, including them in your header, and you will gain attention and authority exceptionally quickly. Remember, you don’t have many words, so you need to be highly efficient in your text ads.

2. Appeal To Your Customer’s Fears & Ego

Your customers are looking for a solution to their problems because they are either in pain or they want to feel better. Sales are not driven by logic, and you should include contenting that has to message to point towards the fears and ego of your readers.

You can find what drives your clients to look for your products or services by reviewing search queries in the Search Terms tab in Google AdWords. This information is a goldmine because We buy things because we want to feel good and because we’re afraid of feeling bad if we don’t buy them.

google adwords text ad copywriting tips ego fears

You can use different content in the Headline, Description, and ad extensions to show your readers that your products and services are the best options for their needs. You can also use wording to make the searcher see your solutions as the only way to make them look better in the eyes of their peers.

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Explain to someone that something is “all the rage” right now, and it becomes instantly more appealing.

Likewise, massaging someone’s ego in a sales pitch is an almost flawless strategy. Just tell them that “smart people choose X.”

3. Include Emotional Triggers in Your Ads

Another way to look at this is by considering emotional triggers – things that will have an emotional response, rather than just a logical or factual one.

This tip is especially potent in industries that deal with personal issues like attorneys and weight loss solutions. You can use emotional triggers in the headline of your ads to show that you are on your customer’s side and that you will do everything you can to help them achieve their goals.

google adwords text ad copywriting tips use emotional triggers

You can also use emotional triggers to alleviate their worries.

Adding statistics (previous point) to show them that you are the top pick among competitors is a great way to put your message on point.

You can also include offers like Money Back Guarantees or Free Shipping to increase the value of your proposal while reducing the risk that your customers may feel when choosing a company.

Overall, the aim of any good copy should be to try and sell the “value proposition.” We can think of this as the “emotional hook.”

What is the emotional response you want someone to have once they use your product or service? How can you communicate this in a few words?

4. Write Ad Copy Based On The Benefits You Offer

People go to Google to ask questions and find solutions. This means that you should write ad copy based on the benefits and solutions that your product or service offers people as they search for your company online.

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You should include keywords in your headlines, descriptions, and display URL to help Google understand the context of your ads, and write ad copy to engage your readers where they are in the search process.

You should always include the benefits of any product when you are trying to sell it. This will help your item to stand out of the crowd and will also let the buyer know immediately what they’re getting themselves in for.

google adwords text ad copywriting benefits

Plus, adding benefits in your text ad will help you align messaging on your landing pages. When you use keywords and messaging across your keywords, ad copy and landing pages will help improve your Quality Score. This means that Google will charge you less to show your ads, and the Google Ads platform will show your ads more often- so it is a win-win for your company!

Here’s the thing: you want to qualify your clicks before they get to your page. You don’t want as many clicks as possible, but instead, you want clicks from people that are likely to buy. Buy listing the products upfront and making sure that the reader knows precisely what they will be getting, you can do just that.

5. Run Experiments To Find The Best Ad Copy

You have to pay Google each time someone clicks on an ad. Unlike other marketing strategies like SEO, you need to pay Google to get found in their search engine with PPC marketing.

google adwords ad text copywriting tests experiments

You should always test different copywriting tactics to see what has the most significant impact on your conversion rates, including:

  • Updating search ad headlines and descriptions using the above tips. This can help you understand how you can adjust different aspects of your text ads to drive more qualified traffic to your site.
  • Add to or modify Callout Extensions and Sitelinks. This can show you if Google wants to display different ad extensions so you can take up more real estate on SERPs and drive more qualified traffic.
  • Test different landing pages to see how you can improve conversions. This can show you if your landing pages are preventing your Google Ads campaign from performing at it’s best.
  • Run a campaign experiment with different keywords and ad groups. This can show you if you are targeting the right search queries.

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Once you’ve written your ad copy, you are not done. It’s tempting to think that this is a one-and-done process, but in fact, any Google AdWords is a liquid process. That means you should always be tweaking it and changing it. This way, you can see what works and do more of that while doing much less of what doesn’t work.

No matter what tactic you take, you should always track the metrics that matter in Google AdWords to see what changes make the most impact for your business.

Even just tweaking a word here and there can make a big difference. So keep refining and keep improving until your AdWords campaigns work with laser precision and accuracy.

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