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Keep Your Eyes Out For Signs That Your Small Business Can Benefit From Hiring Freelancers

As a successful business owner,  you can see when things are starting to slip. Maybe you see a decline in work quality or missed deadlines as your current staff races to catch up during a busy period. Or perhaps you have an idea for a project that no one on your current staff has experience with.

Because you’re running a thriving business, it’s not out of the ordinary for employees to become overwhelmed or be confused and need help moving efficiently forward. And sometimes, reading a motivational business book isn’t going to be enough to help your team find their footing.

One cost-effective way to offer relief to your staff and check items off the company to-do list is to hire a freelance professional, and here are five signs that you need to hire a freelancer to support your team:

  1. No one on your current staff has the skill set you need
  2. Orders are rolling in faster than you can fill them
  3. You’ve hit a creative block
  4. You are short on expansion capital
  5. A short-term project is overwhelming your staff

These freelancers do not take the place of your workforce but offer support to manage your workload and increase the quality of deliverables.

They help remove the possibilities of burnout and anxiety from your company culture so that your current employees can work to the best of their ability.

But how do you know when is the best time to hire freelancers? Take a look at five distinctive signs that your company will benefit from outsourcing assignments to freelancers.

Five Indicators That Your Business Needs To Hire Freelance Talent

While a booming business is every small business owner’s dream, it can quickly turn into a nightmare without adequately trained employees in place when sourcing assignments.

Good staff members are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. Between remote work preferences and burnout, you need a quick solution to prevent it from becoming an insurmountable issue.

Finding the right freelancer in your company’s time of need will solve many problems that arise. Here are five signs that your business will benefit from hiring a freelance professional.

1. No One On Your Current Staff Has The Skill Set You Need

You choose your full-time employees for a reason. But sometimes you need an assignment done that no one on your staff has any experience with.

And while they may be comfortable learning new things, tight deadlines and the need for high-quality deliverables makes it hard to find the time for training.

Freelancers are experts in their field. Typically, they focus on one industry and sharpen their skills to provide quality work every time.

There are all types of content that your business needs to create, and there are all types of freelancers that you can hire for your needs.

If you check out a freelance job board, you’ll see a wide variety of talent in areas commonly utilized by successful businesses. Here are some examples of skills you can outsource to freelancers.

  • Freelance Copywriter: A freelance copywriter is someone who can work on any number of projects in a variety of capacities. A freelancer has many benefits to offer, as they have more flexibility with their time and are able to pick up new skillsets quickly without worrying about getting fired or not meeting deadlines.
  • Social Media: Social media consultants offer a wide range of services to help businesses on the internet. They work with companies and individuals in order to identify what improvements need made, create an actionable plan for success, set goals that are realistic but challenging enough so as not be mundane tasks or too hard to accomplish; they also answer any questions about implementing changes when necessary.
  • SEO Consultant: SEO Consultants are the “jack of all trades” for a company’s internet marketing strategy. They typically cover everything from web analytics to link building and keyword research, but they specialize in making sure any potential SEO issues don’t get out of hand or negatively affect traffic flow on your site
  • Paid Advertising: An experienced PPC consultant can help you with your campaign in a more hands-on manner than an outsourced agency. You’ll be able to speak directly and get real time feedback from the specialist, who will know how to maximize your return on ad spend without wasting money.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing specialists are the behind-the-scenes heroes that make sure your brand’s message gets across to potential customers. With a build of targeted campaigns, they can drive traffic and boost their long term success!

If you need a new skill set but don’t have the time to train your current employees, look for freelancers that are experts in their field. Freelancers can help you get high-quality work done quickly and reliably without sacrificing quality or consistency.  We recommend hiring freelance writers or designers if these skills are what your business needs most right now. Let us know how we can help!

2. Orders Are Rolling In Faster Than You Can Fill Them

If you cannot keep up with the pace of your orders due to lack of staffing, you could hire more full-time employees. However, that’s easier said than done.

Locating and enticing freelance talent to help out when needed is a more straightforward solution, mainly because they are hungry for work and self-motivated. They have fewer limitations when deciding if a work opportunity is one they can afford to take on.

Freelancers can work from anywhere globally, meaning relocating and family obligations aren’t typically a consideration for them.  So it’s easy for them to take over SEO tasks or web design while you focus on filling orders, project management, and managing customer support.

3. You’ve Hit A Creative Block

Sometimes when your marketing team has lost too many vital clients or members of your team are burnt out, it’s a sign that there is a jam in creativity within your company.

Taking on one or more freelancers for content marketing or digital marketing within your creative department can provide a fresh perspective that will boost your team’s energy to get back on track.

Because freelancers tend to work with multiple companies, they can offer critical insights into the creative process that your full-time employees may not have. This will help your team’s creativity develop in the right direction.

4. You Are Short On Expansion Capital

If you are low on funds, you may not be able to afford the cost of adding another full-time employee to drive company expansion.

While it’s true that occasionally freelancers can be as costly as any full-time employees, most of them are not. Here is a breakdown of common industry standards when it comes to freelancer pricing. Prices depend on the experience of the freelancer and the scope of the project.

Type Of Freelancer  Typical Cost 
Content Writers .20 Cents to $1 Per Word
Graphic Designers/ Photoshop Artist $15-150 Per Hour

Average Rate $25 Per Hour

*Some Charge By The Project

Virtual Assistant $23 Per Hour On Average
Data Entry $11 to $22 On Average
Website Development $60 Per Hour On Average
Content Marketing $65-$300 Per Hour
WordPress Developer $20-$100 Per Hour


While some of those hourly rates may sound high, remember that you are not paying them based on a 40-hour workweek.

Freelancers work by project. They also do not need onboarding, training, or a benefits package. This means hiring a freelancer is cost-effective for your business.

5. A Major, But Short-Term, Project Is Overwhelming Your Staff

It’s always exciting when you land a significant project that will help move your company forward. But when the deadline is looming on the short-term project, you’ll need an extra set of hands, preferably belonging to someone with a unique talent and extensive subject knowledge.

Freelancers are perfect for the scenario because once they help you complete your project, they are free to go on their way to their next job while your business returns to normal operations. If you hired a full-time employee, you’d be left with a person for which you have no other productive assignments.

A freelance professional understands that one-time gigs come with the territory. Always be upfront with the timeframe and expectations of the project, and the freelancer will rise to meet those demands.

The beauty is that if you develop a strong working relationship with this freelancer, you now have someone you can call upon when another big project overwhelms your staff.

Trust A Freelance Guru To Fill Your Staffing Gaps

Whether your business needs search engine optimization support or proofreading services, the right freelancer is out there.

Check out websites like freelancer.com, Fiverr, and Upwork to find specific freelance talent that can help propel your business forward. You can even turn to your social media and LinkedIn communities to see if anyone in your professional network can refer you to a high-quality freelancer.

There are opportunities for business growth if your company is looking for more flexibility. Don’t miss out on hiring the right freelancer to help support your business today.

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