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Your website is the first place your customers go to learn more about your products and services. You should take every opportunity to write persuasive copy on your website since your readers have a lot of choices to address their needs. If you want to increase online conversions then you need to use persuasive copywriting techniques in your website content.

The only way your business can ensure you will achieve your goals is by using persuasive copywriting techniques with professional freelance copywriting services on all pages of your website. You need to make sure that every aspect of your website is optimized for search engines and your content engages your readers.

If you want to stand out from your competition and increase conversions on your site, then you need to include persuasion in your copywriting. The three most important reasons for persuasion include:

  • Reason: Using techniques to connect with your customers on rational and logic will show that your business has an informed and logical viewpoint.
  • Emotional: Persuasive copywriting techniques will help your company connect with your customers beyond simple business transactions. Most decisions are made because of emotions, so your website content should include content that connects with your readers on an emotional level.
  • Beliefs: Your customers want to buy from companies that have similar beliefs as they do. This approach makes every sale more meaningful, so your clients will feel better about buying from your business.

Persuasive writing techniques go beyond using enticing words and phrases because great copywriting builds an experience for readers.

The type of website copy that you produce for each page should work to move your readers in a particular direction. There is a distinct difference between moving your customers with detailed content and using persuasive copy to help users make a decision.

The goal of website copywriting is to provide valuable information while connecting with your audience to guide them towards a conversion.

Writing Persuasively For Your Business Copywriting

Persuasive business website copy is the type of writing that sells your goods and services quickly and easily. This kind of content takes a particular approach to moving prospects to customers without lying or deceiving readers along the path towards a conversion. You can learn the best topics to write about by using free small business marketing tools to help you create awesome online content!

Persuasion and conversion are one in the same.

If you are not persuading your customers through your website copywriting that you are losing out on sales. As a result, you are probably not hitting your business goals, and this can put you in a bad position for long-term business success.

The persuasive copy is the thing that grows a business and can make your company a powerhouse in your market. Even more, a persuasive copy will help your business become a trusted industry leader among your customers.

If you want to maintain a competitive advantage, then you should have a persuasive copy on every page on your website. From your Homepage to your Contact Us page, you should focus all your attention on how you craft your content and direct your efforts to make the copy that connects with your audience and builds a relationship with them at each step of the customer journey.

The 4 Ingredients For Persuasive Copy

1. Connect With A Conversational Tone

An age-old strategy in sales is to build rapport with your customers if you want to increase the chances of closing a sale. While it is not a good idea to be fake during your interactions, salespeople know that friends like to buy from friends.

The great news is that you can replicate approach in your website copywriting by using a conversational tone that connects with your readers on an emotional and personal level.

If you want to show off your personal brand and build a relationship with your readers, then you should write as you talk. It’s OK to use interesting references and natural sentence structures. Show your reader that you care about them enough to step outside of the traditional corporate writing style and use a persuasive copywriting style that is easy to understand.

2. Use An Easy To Follow Structure

Have you ever listened to a speaker who jumped all over the place and couldn’t stay on point? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be to follow along and your mind wandered shortly into the talk.

The same goes for copy that does not follow a clear structure. If your website content does not follow a straightforward structure, then you risk losing your customers. This will result in decreased conversions and will diminish your brand over time.

Your audience is great at processing information if you format your copy in a narrative form. You can do this by using examples, stories, and visual language. Instead of using abstract concepts you can make your marketing copywriting persuasive by using clear writing structure and layout your ideas in a clear and concise manner.

3. Write So People Can Scan Your Website

No matter your products or services, your customers are looking to find answers to their questions or solutions to their needs. In general, today’s online audience has a short attention span.

The majority of online readers scan content, and this is compounded by the fact that your audience is reading your content on their mobile devices. Think about the environment your audience is consuming your content if you want to produce compelling website content that converts and the effects they have on your reader, including:

  1. Walking around, looking at your site on their mobile phone.
  2. Reading on a computer screen that strains their eyes.
  3. Taking a quick break at work, so they can’t invest too much time to dive into details.
  4. Comparing your products or services to others at a competitor’s store.
  5. The millions of other website fighting for your customer’s attention.

Part of writing compelling business content for your site includes using visual hooks to grab the attention of your readers. Here are a few ideas you can use to have your content stand out and entice your audience to read your copy:

  1. Optimize headlines with emotional words and phrases.
  2. Use subheaders to summarize a section. This will help the reader determine if that section includes information they are looking for.
  3. Use short paragraphs with 2-3 sentences each. This length looks great on laptops and mobile devices, and anything longer than 2-3 sentences can look like a giant block of text that could overwhelm your customers.
  4. Include bullet points throughout your website content. Not only do bullet points breakup paragraph structure, but they also provide information in a concise manner.
  5. Insert images throughout your content because they help space out content and you can show abstract concepts using images.

If your business wants to increase conversions, then you will need to produce persuasive copy that is optimized for how your customers read content online. The best way to share information is to develop your copy in a way that will be easily consumed by your clients. You can use the above tips to write engaging content that persuades and converts your readers!

4. Persuasive Copywriting Focuses On Benefits First

I have noticed that many small businesses fall into the trap where they concentrate on the features of their products and services instead of benefits. When you write persuasive copy for your website, you need to consider the limited space you have to work with and the limited time your customers have to consume your content.

Look at your website copy from the perspective of your customers by focusing on the benefits they will experience by choosing your company instead of your competition. A “benefits first” content strategy will tell your customers what’s in it for them and help increase conversions across your website.

Once you focus on your benefits, you should read your copy out loud. This ensures that your site content sounds natural when you speak it in a logical manner. Remember, your copywriting will be most persuasive when it sounds like you are talking to your customers.

Increase Conversions With Persuasive Online Copywriting

It takes a lot of practice to master the art of persuasive copywriting, but you can increase conversions and grow your business by following the suggestions listed above.

Instead of focusing on your business, you should write your website content based on the needs of your customers. Start with their needs in mind and then optimize your copy to emphasize different aspects of your products and services to show the benefit of what you offer.

Persuasive copywriting is the key to increased engagement and sales. However, many small businesses don’t have the time or expertise to leverage this type of marketing content on their website. This is why you should consider hiring an experienced Orlando copywriter to help you grow your business today!

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