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Do you want to grow your dental practice?

Well, of course, you do… but how can you reach more patients in today’s market?

It is harder than ever before for dentists to reach potential patients because there are more dental offices in most cities than ever before.

If you want to grow your practice, then you need to find a way to boost your presence with digital marketing for dentists that consists of tactics that will get you noticed and drive conversions for your dental clinic.

Whenever you are dealing with a competitive industry, you can look to PPC advertising to drive qualified leads. Your practice can look to different marketing channels like Facebook and Google Ads to reach new patients.

No matter the platform you choose to reach dental patients, you should remember some basic strategies to get the most out of your advertising budget. This is especially true if you need to market through the coronavirus or another crisis, and if you need to market through an economic downturn.

Let’s look at how you can advertise to the highest number of clients to get the highest return from your dental marketing strategy today!

Google Ads Is A Great Dental Marketing Idea

If you are serious about taking your dental practice to the next level, you should consider using Google Ads. This popular pay-per-click advertising platform can help you get more customers with ease.

Google Ads displays your ads patients searching for dental services using the main keywords you have chosen for your online marketing campaign.

Using Google Ads is a great way to reach patients because your ads will only show to people who search for specific keywords that you what to appear for. This means that you can control who you reach and how much you spend to grow your local business.

When someone clicks on your ad, Google will charge you for the click. While this means that you have lots of control over your ad spend, you need to make sure that only qualified leads to click on your ads.

If you do not take care to reach a specific target audience, you will find that your advertising budget will be quickly depleted.

Here are ten tips to help you grow your dental marketing practice with Google Ads while not destroying your advertising budget.

1. Place a Bid on Location Keywords

Your practice relies on customers to physically visit your dental clinic. Since your patients need to meet you face-to-face, you should bid on local keywords like the city and geographic region.

Make a bid on the keywords that your prospects are typing into the search engines. Make sure the keywords contain your area and service. Let’s say your dental practice is located in Baltimore, Maryland. You should bid on “Dentist Baltimore, Maryland.”

dental marketing google ads location bids strategybeam

Bidding on location keywords signals to Google that people clicking on the ads have a high level of intent to buy from you, and you will be able to send targeted traffic to your website.

You can use this marketing strategy to reach a local, qualified, and engaged audience to grow your dental clinic!

2. Place a Bid on Emergency Keywords

Google Ads are a great way to engage with patients who are ready to buy. You should promote emergency services that your dental clinic offers since they are often high profit and have high demand.

dental marketing google ads emergency keywords online marketing strategybeam

People in need of emergency dental services will use emergency keywords. For instance, they may look for fast tooth extraction.

Don’t get discouraged if the number of searches is small. The buying intent is targeted, and the cost-per-click may be lower than general keywords. This is great if you are operating on a tight marketing budget, and you can use this tactic to help get the most from your online dental marketing strategy even if you have a limited amount of funds to spend on PPC marketing.

Think about the needs of your customers, how they search for emergency dental services and the services your dental clinic offers.

You can start with the needs of your patients and then work backward to the solutions your dental clinic offers to make sure that your dental ads gain traction and drive more patients for your clinic.

Once you find the overlapping services and demands, you can build profitable PPC marketing ads to drive qualified leads to your site or call your dental office.

3. Focus on Demographic Targeting

With AdWords, you can use demographic information to target your prospects. You have the following Google Ads demographic targeting options at your disposal:

  • Gender – Male, female and unknown
  • Age – Ages are grouped in the following categories: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65 and up, and unknown.
  • Parental Status – Not a parent, parent, and unknown
  • Household Income – Top 10%, 11-20%, 21-30%, 31-40%, 41-50%, lower 50%, and unknown

google ads dental marketing demographics strategybeam

You should use these options to make fine adjustments to your campaigns. When you do this, you are able to run successful campaigns.

Precise targeting will tempt people to click on your ads, and it will increase your Google Ads Quality Score. It’s also important to point out that the cost-per-click will be lower when you use this marketing tactic for your dental ads.

4. Use Location Extensions To Drive More Foot Traffic

Showing your ads on Google Maps can attract people on the road looking for a dental office in your area. When your ads show up on Google Maps, your dental practice will get a high organic ranking in the search results.

dental marketing google ads location extensions strategybeam

You must turn on the location extensions in your Google Ads account. If you want to get targeted traffic at a reasonable price, you should choose location-based bidding and focus on local keywords.

5. Take Advantage of the Google Ads Call Extension

Recent marketing studies show that phone calls are the most popular way to schedule dentist appointments. The Google Ads Call Extension offers a click-to-call option. Your prospects will see a clickable call button on your dental ad.

dental marketing ideas google ads dental ads call extension

Once they click on it, they will be able to make a direct call to your office. They can also visit your website after clicking the call button.

Call extensions are a great marketing idea to get more calls, and you should install Google Ads Call Tracking tags on your website to make sure you can attribute sales and calls to specific ads. This way, you can reinvest in marketing initiatives that are working best for your office!

6. Call-Only Campaigns for Mobile Phones

Millions of Google searches take place on mobile phones daily. Call-only ads are shown during mobile searches, but they do not have a direct link to websites. However, they make it easy for your prospects to call your office.

When it comes to advertising for dentists, call-only campaigns are ideal for targeting mobile customers who are not interested in dealing with the browsing and clicking experience. Call-only campaigns can help you expand your customer base, but the call extension makes it easier for people to get in touch with you.

7. Concentrate on Long Key Phrases from Voice Searches

Many online marketing experts predict that nearly 50% of all internet searches will be voice-based by 2020. It’s critical to show that more than 15% of voice queries taking place these days contain the following keywords: what, how, and best.

dental marketing google ads longtail keywords online marketing strategybeam

The search volume may be low for your dental ads, but they will send targeted traffic to your website. It’s fair to say that most of these leads can be converted into customers.

A brainstorming session can help you uncover a list of long-tailed keywords that your prospects are using for their voice-search. When you bid on these keywords, you will get quality traffic at a reasonable price.

8. Use Google Ads Bid Adjustments for Your Dental Ad

It doesn’t make sense for you to target people who live hundreds of miles from your dental practice. Google Ads Bid Adjustments make it easy for you to tailor your ads for residents in your town or city.

The easiest way to use bid adjustments in your Google Ads campaign is to adjust bids based on keyword, neighborhood, and other attributes to ensure your ads show to qualified leads.

9. Use Optimized Ad-specific Landing Pages

You need a landing page for every dental ad. The only exception is when you use call-only ads. Your landing page should have detailed information and a clear call-to-action.

Your CTA should prompt your prospect to schedule an appointment online or call your office. Placing an appointment scheduling tool on your site will make it easy for your prospects to set-up their appointment.

dental ads dental marketing google ads landing page

10. Consult with an Experienced Google Ads Consultant

Google ads are a do-it-yourself platform, but there is a strong possibility that you are not getting good results from your dental ad campaigns. Working with a seasoned Google Ads consultant can help you get a good return on your investment.

Advertising for dentists has changed over the years. Effective online marketing is the key to getting new patients. If you follow the ten marketing tips listed above, there’s no reason why you will not be able to have success with your campaigns with a professional Google Ads management team!

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