32-Point Google Ads Audit

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Be confident that your Google Adwords campaign is set up to maximize results and minimize wasted spend. Only show Google Ads to highly targeted people to boost your ROI!

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The Only Google AdWords Audit You Will Ever Need

The key to successful Google Adwords management starts with the confidence that your AdWords campaign is optimized from the beginning. Your Google account can benefit from an expert PPC audit, even if it has been running for some time.

We will check over 32 points of your AdWords account to ensure it drives qualified traffic to your site at the lowest cost possible. Our AdWords audit will save you time and make your account is an essential part of your online marketing strategy.

Our team has over 15 years of experience with AdWords for clients in a variety of industries. We follow a strict step-by-step methodology with proven results, and we will apply the same attention to detail for your Google AdWords campaign.

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Save Time & Money

Setting up an AdWords campaign can be time-consuming, and you risk losing a lot of money if you do not know how to optimize your account. We will discuss your goals and build out your Google AdWords to ensure your online marketing success!

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Reach Potential Customers

You need to reach new customers to keep your business running, and we will optimize your Google account from top to bottom. Not only will we find the best keywords, but we will also help with copywriting and advanced settings for your success!

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Get Started Right Away

Time is money, and you can waste a lot of time (and money) if you don't know how to set up your Google Ads campaign correctly. Our team will handle all of the heavy liftings so you can have your Google AdWords up and running in no time!

Don't waste another dollar in Google AdWords. We will review your entire account for only $350!

Comprehensive Google AdWords Review

Getting under the hood for the first time when setting up your first AdWords campaign can be intimidating. Even if you have set up an AdWords account in the past, you may have overlooked important details that are limiting your success or wasting your money.

We do not use a cookie-cutter approach to AdWords, and our in-house Google AdWords managers will assess your Google Ads campaigns by hand. We will look at every setting, review analytics, and even look at your website landing pages.

Let us help you feel confident that your advertising dollars are spending the right way!

How Can I Get The Most Out Of Ads On Google?

The ultimate goal of Google Ads is to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Advertisers can optimize their campaign keywords, bidding strategy, and campaign types to get the most out of each dollar spent.

If you want to get the most out of your advertising budget, then you will need to dig deep into the ad groups, negative keywords, and bids to improve the account’s Click-Through-Rate and Quality Scores. Improving these scores will get your ads displayed more while spending less.

How Will I Benefit From An Audit?

Think of our team as your mechanic, but instead of tuning up your car, we take a look at your Google Ads campaign. We will audit your campaigns to uncover issues that could be hindering your success and make adjustments to boost performance like:

  • Improve your account’s Quality Score
  • Boost CTR of keywords and ads
  • Drive more account activity and engagement
  • Grow Impression Share of your account
  • Outrank your competition

These are just a few of the metrics that we consider when we conduct your AdWords audit. Talk to our team today to learn more about what we can offer you!

What you will get from the Google AdWords audit

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Account Structure & Organization

We will structure your campaigns and ad groups in a way that Google will show your ads more often and charge you less money. We will build you a strong foundation so you can scale Google AdWords to the needs of your business.

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Keyword Research

Finding the right search terms is vital, so your PPC ads appear in search results. Our team will conduct thorough keyword research to find the terms that your customers are using, so you appear at the top of the results.

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Text Ad Copywriting

You need engaging AdWords text ad copy to get people to click on your ads. We will optimize your ads to drive qualified leads to your site and reduce the costs that you pay each time someone clicks on an ad.

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Ad Extensions & Settings

There are a lot of settings in the background of AdWords that need to be optimized. We will set up a bid strategy, daily budget, match types, and ad extensions like sitelinks, structured snippets, and callout extensions.

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Take a look at our work with


BRAC knew the rise of competition in the apartment marketing space was getting more and more expensive. The aim was to drive a number of online reservations on their new website with SEO content for their landing pages. We used market and competitive research to create customized ads and keyword sets based on what BRAC customers are searching for.

Each of BRAC’s partners enjoys more qualified traffic to their sites and more signed leases!

  • +700%clicks
  • +600%engagement
  • +56%CTR

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32-Point Google Ads Audit

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