Why Should I Hire A Freelance Copywriter?

A professional freelance copywriter will help you identify your target audience, write content to draw your customers to your business, and compel them to buy from you.

Your company needs the energy and skills of a professional copywriter. This type of skill set can only come from an experienced freelance copywriter like me.

Your clients are exposed to more messages and content that could sway their purchasing decision away from you.

Unless you are producing the best marketing content, your business runs the risk of losing market share. Your business needs effective marketing copy. It will help establish your business by driving more qualified leads and close more sales.

I generate leads and increase conversions with optimized marketing content writing.

The main reason my clients love my freelance copywriting services is that I save them time.

You have a lot to do in your business. It can be difficult to make quality marketing copy for your online marketing strategy. If you don’t know how to make great content or don’t have the time, then your customers will suffer. As a result, your business could be losing out on leads and sales.

This can be avoided if you hire a professional freelance copywriter who knows how to get results and increase ROI. Knowing how search engines work and how to convert your audience means your business will benefit.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Freelance Copywriter Instead Of An Agency or Marketing Firm?


I don’t have anything against marketing firms or large agencies. I have worked with many of the biggest companies across the U.S. and have a lot of respect for their talent.

You can save a lot of money by working with me if your business is looking for results-driven marketing copy. Some of the items that business owners like you have worked with my copywriting business for include:

Agencies have higher overhead than I do. This means that you pay more because their overhead and expenses are reflected in the rates that you pay. The way that most agencies and marketing firms are set up means that you will receive the same level of marketing copy even at the highest pricing tiers.

Plus, most marketing agencies outsource their copywriting projects to freelance copywriters like me.

This means you could cut out the middle-man and still get the professional marketing copywriting service you expect.

My freelance writing service is a perfect solution for many small business owners and startups. I am a great choice for businesses who want great content but have budgetary restrictions. At the same time, larger companies love the professional marketing copywriting I deliver with every project.

If your business demands the highest quality professional copywriting to keep your business competitive, then you will love the value and quality my freelance copywriting services deliver.

If I Decide To Hire A Freelance Copywriter, Why Should I Choose You?

If your business is serious about attracting, engaging, and converting your target audience then my freelance copywriting services are perfect for you.

I offer 13 years of digital marketing and professional copywriting skills.

Most freelance copywriters are only good at one thing- copywriting. This isn’t a bad thing. But in today’s competitive market your business needs every competitive advantage it can get. This is why my freelance writing services are a bargain no matter your projector price range.

I will bring a holistic marketing approach to each of your copywriting projects. I will work with you to understand your target audience, define your business goals, and produce powerful marketing copy. My copywriting services produce marketing content that drives traffic and boosts conversions.

Along with my skills and experience, my clients also love my professionalism. I am never late on a project, and I over-deliver on expectations.

I respect your time and know that your business demands the highest quality marketing content.

I’ve written for hundreds of companies and helped them get results. I will do the same for you.

I bring my expert copywriting skills to the table with each project I take on. This means you will receive high-quality content crafted for your business.

Your audience will love the unique content that connects them to your business in an organic manner. My marketing copywriting services will help you reach your business goals.

What Copywriting Services Do You Provide?

If you are looking for a freelance copywriter to increase sales and help your business grow, then you came to the right place. My expert marketing copywriting skills and experience will help you attract the right audience and convert qualified leads. While I am a professional freelance copywriter, I also provide other services to help you reach your business goals. 

I will deliver focused content for your business by targeting your customers. My proven approach builds trust with your clients, establishes you as a thought-leader, and will help you reach your goals.

The sole purpose of my freelance copywriting services is to provide your business with marketing content to achieve your business goals. I offer a variety of freelance copywriting services to help your online marketing strategy like SEO copywriting, blog writing, and website copywriting.

SEO Copywriting

My SEO Copywriting services are perfect for your online business. I will work with you to analyze your target audience, and craft compelling content that gets you found in search engines and converts your online audience.

I bring the perfect blend of technical knowledge of search engines and understanding about your customers that will help you boost conversions and increase sales.

Copywriting SEO enhanced content for your website is vital to the success of your business initiatives. The goal of writing search engine optimized copy is to:

  1. Include keywords in the text that matches the needs of your customers.
  2. Create messaging that is easy to understand and consume.
  3. Help rank your online content in Google and Bing.
  4. Drive qualified traffic to your content.
  5. Convert those qualified leads to make sales and increase revenue.

If your business wants to get noticed online, then you need to hire a professional copywriting who has lots of knowledge, skills, and experience in Search Engine Optimization. Some of the benefits you will enjoy with my freelance copywriting services include:

  • SEO aligned articles and copywriting.
  • Grow your organic traffic on the main search engines.
  • Improve your PPC scores and other marketing strategies.

Blog Writing

Your business can’t connect with your customers if you do not produce quality blog content on a consistent basis. A business blog is the best way for you to stay connected with your current customers and attract new leads.

Ensuring that your business has fresh, unique, and compelling content on your blog will make sure that you attract the type of customers you want. Search engines love blog content as much as your audience does.

My Orlando freelance blog writing services will provide your business with the marketing content you need to attract new visitors, build credibility, and drive sales for your business!

Some of the benefits included in my freelance copywriting service for your blogging needs includes:

  • Complete blog writing management- research, writing, and even posting to your blog.
  • Expert blog writing experience is working with a broad range of industries across the U.S.
  • Align your copywriting needs with SEO keywords and industry terms to get you found in search engines.
  • 100% unique content original for your company blog.

I follow a proven process to understand your business goals, discuss the needs of your customers, write compelling blog posts, and deliver unmatched quality content.

You can’t risk hiring a freelance copywriter who can’t produce great content for your blog. Instead of taking a chance, you can trust my professional freelance blog writing services to help your business attract, convert, and keep qualified leads today!

Website Content

A professional website is one of the most powerful tools for your business. In an online world, your customers don’t have patience for a website that does not meet their expectations and your business will lose sales if your copywriting is not solid at every level.

If your company wants to convert more sales online, then you need professional website copywriting for your online marketing strategy.

Every business has different goals, and your content needs to reflect these targets and the needs of your customers. This is why I will work with you to analyze, review, and understand your target audience. Some of the benefits you will enjoy with my freelance copywriting services for your website content include:

  1. Expert freelance copywriter with experience in a wide range of industries and niches.
  2. 100% original content formatted to fit your site design.
  3. Keyword optimized content for SEO.

I will also work with your design team to craft engaging copy that fits the design and feel of your website. This means that you not only receive crafted marketing copywriting that is optimized for your users, but it will also look great on your site.

I am trained in Search Engine Optimization, so my freelance website copywriting services always deliver great content that gets found in search engines. You will love how your site will become an unstoppable sales machine and how my professional copywriting services drive more traffic and boost conversions for your business!

What Type Of Clients Do You Work With?

While I am located in Orlando, FL, companies like yours have benefited from my freelance copywriting services. No matter the size of your business or your industry, you can rest assured that my copywriting services can meet your digital marketing needs.

My copywriting clients fall into two broad categories. The first is marketing firms and ad agencies. I usually collaborate with these folks as a subcontractor and produce great freelance copywriting and marketing content for their clients.

The second group is those companies that I work with directly. These companies are diverse, ranging from professional service firms like lawyers, high-tech companies, software companies, startups, and accountants.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter is that I bring the same quality to all my marketing copywriting projects. When you hire me, you will receive professional copywriting skills for all your business needs!

How Much Do You Charge?

My freelance marketing copywriting services are meant for businesses who are serious about building a strong online presence. My clients know the value of high-quality content writing, and they don’t want to waste time with unprofessional or ineffective copywriters.

This is why I am not the cheapest option available. In fact, I am pretty expensive compared to many Orlando freelance copywriters. I’m OK with that, and so are my clients.

I quote each freelance writing project on an individual basis because every project is different. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter plans because your business is unique. Your customers deserved content specialized to their needs and optimized for your industry.

Each of my projects includes a full range of research, collaboration, production, and optimization.

My freelance copywriting rates are competitive. As an Orlando freelance copywriter, I keep my overhead low, and I reflect those savings in my prices.

I don’t offer to price by the hour because I spend the time to get your business results. If you pay a flat rate for your marketing copy, then you run the risk of receiving ineffective content that doesn’t generate leads or drives sales for you.

This is why I won’t accept freelance writing projects that are charged by the hour. Instead, I only work with companies who know the value of quality content writing and want results over cheap copywriting.

The reason you hire an experienced freelance copywriter like me is not to save money. You pay me for the years of experience and knowledge about holistic marketing. I deliver only high quality, professional marketing copywriting that achieves your business goals.

I base my freelance copywriting on the value I provide instead of the time I spend creating your marketing content.

In the long run, professional marketing copywriting doesn’t cost you money. Instead, my freelance copywriting services makes you money by driving qualified leads to your site and converting customers.

Will You Give Me A Quote Before We Begin Work?

Like you, I run a business, and I know the importance of budgets. This is why I won’t start a marketing copywriting project without first talking through the project and evaluating your needs.

You and I will talk to understand your copywriting project. I’ll get a good understanding of your business goals, the needs of your customers, and your expectations.

Once I have a solid understanding of what you are looking for, I will send you a firm quote for your copywriting project and timeline before any work begins.

All my clients feel they get excellent value for their investment. These industry leading customers love the professionalism I offer and great marketing copywriting for their online marketing strategy. They love my marketing experience and the results they see from my freelance copywriting services.

Are You A B2B Or B2C Copywriter?

That’s a great question! Not many Orlando freelance copywriters know the difference between copywriting for B2B or B2C. While there are many differences between B2B and B2C copywriting, I have experience writing for both types of clients.

My content writing services provide value and drive results for your business no matter what kind of customer base you are trying to reach. I offer freelance writing for both B2B audiences and B2C readers. I can write for a broad range of audiences, or focus a message for a particular niche using specific jargon to connect with your customers.

Reviewing your business goals will direct the type of marketing copy I will write for you. This means that we will work together at each step to produce effective marketing content to reach your audience.

Your business will love how my Orlando freelance copywriting services will focus on your customers and then produce the results your business needs to succeed!

I’m Looking To Work With A Copywriter For Ongoing Projects. Do You Take On Accounts?

Yes, I work with companies with ongoing, long-term projects. In fact, most of my clients enjoy my freelance copywriting services on a month-to-month project basis.

Many of my clients have been with me a long time.

They have come to love the thorough research and collaborative approach I take to each of my content writing projects. I enjoy building a relationship of trust and mutual respect with business owners because then I will be able to craft compelling content for your customers.

Most of my ongoing projects provide monthly blog writing services and website copywriting. Freelance blog writing services are perfect for your business if you want to increase your online exposure, attract and convert your site.

All of my freelance copywriting services offer unique content customized for your customers. You won’t receive low-quality marketing content, and any marketing copywriting projects I deliver to you is original.

If your business wants to increase conversions and drive sales, then you will love my ongoing copywriting services!

Do You Meet With Your Copywriting Clients?

I used to meet with each customer, but I have found that it is easier for everyone to discuss projects using Skype and phone calls.

Most of my clients are not located in Orlando, FL. The majority of my clients find me through Google searches and word of mouth. This means it ‘s hard to schedule one-on-one meetings to discuss their copywriting projects in person.

Instead of wasting time driving and planning meetings, I like to work through email, phone calls, and Skype. This type of interaction will help your business receive all the benefits that come with my freelance copywriting services without all the time and resource requirements for personal meetings.

Sure, I miss the personal relationships that can develop with individual meetings, but I know that your business will love the results my copywriting offers. I want to deliver professional marketing copywriting to help your business reach your customers and increase sales.

the best way to do this is to meet and discuss your freelance writing projects using available technology so I can get my work done and cost.

Will I Have To Sign A Contract?

Yes, I need a contract for all the copywriting projects I take on. After we discuss the details of your project and set expectations for marketing content, I’ll put together an agreement that summarizes everything we discuss.

I don’t like long-winded, hard to understand contracts. They take too long to put together and to be honest; they are intimidating.

I only work with legitimate businesses that I enjoy spending time with. This is why my agreements are straightforward and easy to understand. This type of contract helps both of us to focus on your copywriting project and less on the business-side of our partnership.

The agreement is a way for both of us to build great content for your customers. It also ensures that we both stay on the same page throughout the duration of the marketing copywriting project.

What Happens If I Don’t Like The First Draft Of Copy?

Most of the time I deliver great marketing copywriting that my clients love in the first draft. This is because I take the time needed to understand what you are looking for and understand the needs of your customers.

Yet, sometimes there are little editorial needs and other revisions you may want. These are often minor issues and can be adjusted.

The purpose of the first draft of freelance writing is to present the general ideas and of the marketing content. Once the information is on paper, you can review the material to help me understand how the copy can improve to meet what you want.

My professional freelance copywriting services are focused on delivering the content you need to reach your business goals. I don’t have a problem going through a few rounds of revisions to ensure that I produce the best copywriting you have ever seen.

What Kind Of Copywriting Projects Do You Like Best?

While I enjoy writing all sorts of content for business copywriting projects, I love writing blog posts for companies. I love researching topics and understanding the needs of your customers and then crafting engaging content that educates and converts their clients.

There is nothing more exciting for me than learning about new industries and aligning the goals of your business with the questions that your customers are asking. This approach ensures that your business ranks well in search engines and attracts qualified traffic to your website.

The reason I have been so successful in my freelance copywriting career is that I am curious and love to research. This is reflected in the various copywriting projects I manage across various industries through freelance blog copywriting.

Good marketing copy is vital for a sound online marketing strategy. You can’t go wrong with my Orlando-based professional freelance copywriting services if your business wants to increase your exposure in search engines and drive conversions.

Will You Be Able To Write For My Business Even If You Don’t Have Experience With My Industry?

Yes. I have not found an industry or business where my freelance copywriting services was not a benefit to their bottom line.

I have been able to produce great marketing content for various industries and markets.

The reason for my success in several industries is because I am curious and love to research. I may need some time to become familiar with your business and industry, but we will cover specific areas of your industry as we discuss the needs of your copywriting project.

I enjoy researching your customers and industry trends. I will be able to get up to speed and begin your marketing copywriting project quickly and easily.

More importantly, you will love my years of marketing experience and skills.

No matter your industry or your customer base, my marketing background will help me understand how to reach your customers and drive sales. Whether you are located locally or not, my Orlando freelance copywriting services are tailored to the needs of your business and customers.

My freelance copywriting services help me adapt to your particular situation and hit the ground running.

Can I See Examples Of Your Work?

Absolutely! I love working with business owners from different industries, and I am proud of the professional copywriting projects I have delivered.

You can check out my freelance marketing copywriting projects by looking at my copywriting portfolio.

How Do You Usually Find Your Copywriting Clients?

That’s a great question.

I spend a lot of time writing guest blog posts, engaging in the local startup community, and attending Meetups to share my knowledge with local Orlando business owners just like you.

I receive a lot of business through word-of-mouth, but I also spend a lot of time building my online visibility. Some of my primary sources of freelance copywriting jobs come from:

  1. Local SEO leads and presentations.
  2. Referrals from existing clients.
  3. I host a local Meetup for small business owners, and I sometimes grow business opportunities through our discussions.
  4. Referrals from industry leaders in my professional network.
  5. Clients who find my freelance copywriting services through Google searches.
  6. Sub-contract work through marketing agencies who want my copywriting services for their contractors.
  7. Online influencer groups who seek professional copywriters for their projects.

The real secret to my success as a freelance copywriter is that I deliver awesome marketing content for each of my clients. I make sure that all of my freelance copywriting projects meets the expectations of business owners.

I never stop looking for the next great opportunity to work with businesses like yours.

I love learning, and this means that I work with local Orlando startups to help them market and grow their business. I also host a Meetup for small business owners, and I sometimes land freelance copywriting projects with attendees.

If your company is interested in working with a professional freelance copywriter to help you reach your business goals, then contact me today!

Do You Accept All Businesses That Come To You For Freelance Copywriting Work?

No, I do not work with all companies that come request me to work with them on copywriting projects.

In fact, I am very particular in the type of company that I work with. I carry an extensive client portfolio, and I make it a priority to choose the type of business projects I want to work on.

I get far more business requests to work with local Orlando businesses and companies across the U.S. than I can handle. I accept the copywriting projects that I am a fit for and that I have time for.

I also do not offer freelance copywriting services for projects outside of a scope of work that I feel comfortable with. I have built a reputation as a leading Orlando freelance copywriter because I know what I am good at and what I am not. This means that if you are looking for someone to write you a song, then I am not the copywriter you are looking for.

If you are looking for professional freelance copywriting services to grow your online marketing strategy, then I am the guy you are looking for!

How Soon Can You Get Started If You Accept My Copywriting Project?

I get this question a lot, but it is a loaded question that I can’t answer without more information.

Every freelance copywriting project is different, and I want to spend the necessary time to work with your business to understand your expectations and customers. If I don’t know what you are looking for, then it ‘s hard to deliver amazing marketing content to help your business grow.

Please let me know if your copywriting project has a tight deadline. I will tell you right away if I can accommodate your schedule and give you some option to ensure your business gets the marketing copywriting you need.

Your business needs great copywriting to drive online sales, and I also know that you need that content in a particular timeframe based on your digital marketing strategy.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and as a professional I know this is a necessity of the business world.

One of the first things we will discuss in our copywriting proposal is the understand the timeline to deliver your content. If you give me a firm completion date, I will be able to tell you if I can deliver. I always provide an honest and fair timeline, but if you need expedited content, then we can still work together and make appropriate arrangements.

Who Owns The Copy If I Choose You As My Copywriter?

All of the marketing copywriting content I produce for you will be yours to keep. Once we agree on a copywriting project, I will craft professional content for your business. Once we finalize revisions and final payment is made, you will own exclusive rights to your content.

I will not sell your content to any other client. Since you purchased the marketing material, you can use it however you want. Many of my clients repurpose their content across their marketing channels.

Local Orlando, FL business owners have used my freelance copywriting services to drive their social media strategy. They have also used their marketing content to connect email marketing and blog strategy with their landing pages.

Freelance copywriting is important because it provides your business with the fuel you need to build a lasting marketing strategy. By establishing your business as a thought leader, you will be seen as a trusted source of information that will draw qualified leads to your website.


Since you read this far you know that you want a professional to help grow your business. Now is the time to stop settling for weak sales, and start growing your business. Fill out the form below to grow your business today!