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Finding The Best Orlando Digital Marketing Agency

Central Florida is filled to the brim with technology and marketing companies, and there are over 100 Orlando digital marketing agencies located close to each other. This makes finding the best digital marketing agency in the Orlando area difficult because there are just so many digital agencies to choose from.

There are over 30 Orlando digital agencies, and each offers its own unique digital marketing services to help their clients grow. While some clients are different, the truth is that most of the Orlando digital marketing agencies provide similar services, and this can make the process to choose a marketing agency even more difficult.

We want to help you find the digital marketing agency in Orlando, and here are 5 of the best marketing agencies in Orlando, FL.

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orlando advertising agency strategybeam


StrategyBeam is a trusted full-service Orlando digital marketing agency that has helped dozens of companies around the world. The digital marketing agency has a team of experts who enjoy solving design, technology, and marketing challenges that help boost their client’s success to the next level.

StrategyBeam was founded by Chris and Ayasha Giarratana, and they bring over 25 years of combined experience to every project they take on. Not only do they have years of experience, but they also have a broad range of expertise in different channels and methods to help their clients reach their goals.

Chris applies his knowledge and passion for marketing to help large, national brands strengthen their Internet Marketing strategy to boost their brand and drive revenue. Chris started his career when he created a nonprofit organization in college. With a zero dollar budget, he had to teach himself everything about marketing, business, and sales to ensure his goals were met, and his purpose continued.

Ayasha’s thought leadership has established her as the go-to expert for PPC Marketing and Social Media Marketing professional in Florida and throughout the Eastern United States. Throughout her seven years of marketing experience, Ayasha has seen trends come and go, but she has built her success of understanding your customer and their needs.

Digital Marketing Services

StrategyBeam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table for every client they work with. Not only do they offer unmatched digital marketing services, but they also apply their unique understanding of sales, research, and reporting to help their clients stay in the loop at each step and trust their results.

Here are a few of the most popular digital marketing services offered by this Orlando marketing agency:

Customer Reviews & Feedback

StrategyBeam has 11 reviews in their Google My Business account from as far back as a few years ago. All of the online marketing reviews show an overwhelmingly positive experience for their customers. Specifically, past clients have expressed that they love the transparency and customer service, along with the level of expertise they bring to each marketing project they take on.

One customer review that stands out is when a recent client stated, “Ayasha and Chris were really helpful, they offered the best marketing suggestions based on our business. We chose StrategyBeam after looking at other digital media agencies in the Orlando area.”

StrategyBeam has worked with industry leaders, while also offering their specialized services for small and medium-sized businesses across the world. The marketing agency specializes in search engine marketing and creating great content that speaks to human readers while also getting found in search engines. One thing that helps StrategyBeam stand out is that they do not offer cookie-cutter digital marketing solutions.

Trusted Orlando Marketing Agency

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orlando digital marketing agency pixel chefs

Pixel Chefs

Pixel Chefs is a boutique digital marketing agency in Orlando, FL. Their approach to helping their customers reach their goals is to provide UI design, website optimization, and tailored marketing campaigns. Pixel Chefs has been operating as a leading Orlando digital marketing agency for about 10 years, and during that time, their team has helped countless companies across the U.S.

Pixel Chefs was founded by Alex Alexakis with the mission to build a marketing agency that will help companies grow their business in a no-nonsense approach to digital marketing. Alex has a strong presence in web design, UI design, and SEO marketing.

Along with crafting designs that captivate audiences and make the user experience amazing, he also has over 12 years of experience building robust SEO marketing strategies that get brands found online through Organic Traffic.

Digital Marketing Services

Pixel Chefs is an advertising agency with offices in Orlando, FL. The company completes website design and development to help customers enjoy their experience in digital assets. At the same time, Pixel Chefs also optimizes background information on websites to help their clients get found in search engines to drive more qualified traffic and boost sales.

This Orlando marketing agency accomplishes these goals by offering different Internet marketing services, like:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design Services
  • Seo Consultation
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Pixel Chef’s Google My Business account shows their Orlando marketing agency has 17 reviews that span back several years. All of their online reviews echo a positive experience from reviewers, and some of the reviews also speak about the fantastic job the agency did on recreating websites and marketing strategies from scratch.

Pixel Chefs is an advertising agency with offices in Orlando, FL. The company completes website design and development to help customers enjoy their experience in digital assets. At the same time, Pixel Chefs also optimizes background information on websites to help their clients get found in search engines to drive more qualified traffic and boost sales.

They deliver customized solutions to help customers in different industries reach their goals without having to worry about all the variables involved in digital marketing. Clients have described their experience with Pixel Chefs as “His team not only did a great job with the aesthetics of the website but what I loved most about Alex is that he really understands how to design a beautiful website that also converts a customer.”

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agencyThe orlando digital marketing agency


AgencyTHE is a full-service advertising agency in Orlando, FL. This Orlando marketing agency is unique because it offers both online and offline advertising solutions for their customers.

AgencyTHE was founded by Daniel Scala and Patrick Davidson who are both long-time residents of Central Florida. Daniel graduated from Rollins College with a degree in computer science. Patrick brings experience in design, branding, and general marketing to help his clients reach new heights.

AgencyTHE focuses on ways to maximize ROI for their clients through different marketing initiatives. One thing that stands out with AgencyTHE is that their team takes a hands-on approach to marketing. Instead of focusing on theory, their Orlando marketing agency will find ways to improve your website design, boost conversion rates on your forms, and help you get more conversions and sales.

Digital Marketing Services

The AgencyTHE website lists several services the Orlando agency offers its customers. Ranging from Paid Search to Affiliate Marketing, they show that they provide a range of solutions for their clients.

AgencyTHE specializes in remarketing, e-commerce, and content management for large clients around the U.S. The professional staff at AgencyTHE have the experience and resources needed to deliver solutions for clients who are looking to increase their lead generation, ROI, and branding identity. Here are a few of the marketing services listed on their website:

  • SEM- Paid Search
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Display Advertising
  • Signs & Large Format Printing
  • Website Design, Coding & Architecture
  • Mobile App Design
  • Web Analytics Analysis
  • Facebook App & Page Design
  • YouTube Ad Campaign Design & Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Branding & Brand Management

Customer Reviews & Feedback

AgencyTHE currently has 7 reviews on their Google My Business account. Each report is pretty old (between 1-4 years old), but all of the studies look to be positive. All of the reviews talk about how the Orlando marketing agency helped their company.

One customer review states that “agencyTHE has been working with us to revise our branding, marketing strategy, designs, and digital marketing efforts. They have been wonderful to work with!”

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digital marketing agency orlando get the clicks

Get The Clicks

Get The Clicks started their Orlando digital marketing company in 2002 under the name “The Outer Limit Studios” based on the frustration of other developers in the industry. After a few years of changing between different services, Get The Clicks has settled on a core set of digital marketing services to help their clients reach and engage with a core target audience.

Get The Clicks was founded by Stephan Boehringer in 2002 as an answer to his ongoing frustration with the lack of trusted online marketing agencies in the Orlando area. Over time, Stephan grew the marketing agency to one of the largest digital agencies in Central Florida by providing excellent customer service and his passion for helping clients move forward.

Digital Marketing Services

Get The Clicks has several locations throughout Central Florida, including offices in Winter Park, Orlando, Tampa, and Stuart, FL. This Orlando digital marketing agency has helped countless companies reach their sales and marketing goals by providing several solutions. These marketing services don’t look to be cookie-cutter like other agencies, and their portfolio of services includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Management
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Website Design
  • Content Syndication
  • Website Maintenance
  • Consulting
  • Expert Branding

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Get The Clicks has 96 reviews on their Google My Business account, and some of the reviews are from several years ago. Overall the reviews are positive and all echo that the Orlando marketing agency translates the needs of their customers into solutions with digital marketing services.

One of the reviews from their client states that “We’ve been working with these guys for over three years. The only reason I’m not giving full 5 stars is that I simply never do that. Perfect service doesn’t exist, but these guys come extremely close to it.”

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orlando online marketing agency chatter buzz

Chatter Buzz

Chatter Buzz Media has been serving clients from their main office in Orlando, FL, for several years. During this time, this marketing agency has offered its online marketing experience to many customers around the U.S. and in a variety of industries.

Chatter Buzz has a core group of team members who are creatives, strategists, and technologists who make their Orlando marketing agency one of the best in the area. Overall, their team takes a lot of pride when building connections between brands and consumers, and this process can be seen in how well they deliver on each project.

Digital Marketing Services

Chatter Buzz strives to align like-minded, purpose-driven individuals who believe in, and consistently demonstrate leadership, creativity, analytics, and secure communication. The content creators, account managers, and strategists all work together to help their customers reach their goals with a range of professional digital marketing services like:

  • Brand & Product Development
  • Paid Advertising & Remarketing
  • Inbound Marketing & Activation
  • Custom Mobile & Web Development
  • Campaign Optimization, Audit & Analytics

Customer Reviews & Feedback

The staff at Chatter Buzz have a number of reviews in their Google My Business account, and their team has worked with large companies around the U.S. by keeping up with the latest marketing trends to keep their customers positioned for success.

One of their client’s review shows that they loved the experience working together by stating, “Great company who goes above and beyond your expectation. After 6 months of working together and finding the right formula that generated the most return for my company, we increased our revenue by 35%. Great team of creatives, technologists, and data analysts.”

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Find Your Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Building a digital strategy that will help you outrank your competition can be difficult, and that is why it is so important to choose a top digital marketing agency if you are an Orlando, FL business. Orlando SEO is much different than other markets due to the competition and the area’s focus on technology and e-commerce. Whether you are a local business or a large company then you should consider hiring a marketing team with a trusted Orlando digital marketing agency instead of hiring an internal team.

Partnering with a local Orlando advertising agency can open your business to new opportunities to grow while also focusing on other aspects of your business that need assistance.

You can save a lot of money by hiring an external digital marketing agency, and the above information can help you find the best Orlando digital marketing agency today!

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