The 9 Free & Paid Small Business Tools That Save Us 9 Hours A Week

Chris GiarratanaBusiness Development

9 business tools to save 9 hours each week small business online marketing tools

Small Budget Doesn’t Mean Bad Business If you are like many small businesses in the U.S., then you know the constant struggle between owning the best tools to do your job but watching over a tight operating budget. While there are many online marketing tools out there that can help you grow your business and save you time, those devices … Read More

180 Power Words To Write Emotional Headlines [Infographic]

Chris GiarratanaCopywriting

best conversion words copywriting tips business marketing strategy

As your business works to attract and convert more customers, your online marketing strategy needs to reflect the interests of your readers. While you should cater your approach to your market and audience, the underlying need for emotional connection with your readers. Copywriting is more than creating fun words because your customers deserve and expect professional content from a freelance … Read More