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The U.S. economy is doing well compared to previous years, and many Americans are starting to look for a new home. This means that home buyers are looking for real estate listings in your city and market. Are you getting found?

The process of research homes can be a long-term commitment as potential buyers try to find the right home for their need. Homebuyers tend to spend ten weeks searching for a new home before they make a final purchasing decision.

This means that your real estate business needs real estate marketing ideas that help your listings stand out for the long-term. Face-to-face meetings are the best way to sell a home, but you need a real estate marketing tips that will drive qualified leads to your real estate website so you can start selling more homes!

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There’s nothing simple or straightforward about real estate marketing these days, even if the tools, technology, and platforms available to do your real estate marketing have become more affordable and more comfortable to leverage than ever before.

Let’s take a look at some real estate marketing ideas that will help you build and grow your real estate empire faster when you combine all of these individual efforts into one major marketing push today!

1. Invest in 3D Tours & Virtual Staging for Every Listing

You should make every effort to deliver the home of your prospects’ dreams right to their fingertips. You should use technology to help potential clients realize that your homes are exactly what they want even before you host an open house.

This is because you have limited time and resources, and each time you meet in-person with a prospective buyer should have a higher likelihood of a sale.

3D technology is getting better and better every day so you can host a virtual tour on your real estate website through the use of any mobile and internet-enabled devices. Producing a virtual tour is inexpensive and easy, and you can work with a local company to add this tactic to your real estate marketing strategy.

3D Tours and virtual staging for all of your listings give clients and prospects a first-person view of the property you have available from the comfort of their own home or directly on their mobile device.

New and immersive technologies make it easy for real estate agents to break through the red tape to buy a home with you. This makes envisioning purchasing the property a lot easier than merely looking at two-dimensional photographs.

2. Optimize Your Website With SEO & Niche Keywords

As you build out your website and local listings, you need to do everything you can to get qualified buyers to engage with your content. Developing a comprehensive SEO strategy for your real estate marketing efforts is a central pillar to your success.

This is because SEO marketing is a long-term plan that builds on itself as you develop more content around what your ideal customers look for when researching homes in your area. You can build out blog posts with educational material to help first-time homebuyers along the customer journey.

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Another path that you can take for SEO marketing is to develop content about local school systems, libraries, and local businesses near homes that you sell. Taking this approach will not only help you become the trusted source of information in your area, but it will also make you the go-to for everything someone looks for with up-to-date information in a neighborhood.

You also need to be sure that you optimize your website as far as search engine optimization (organic as well as paid search engine optimization) – all by leveraging local and niche keywords.

Your inside information and insight into your perfect prospect, ideal customer, and the market will help you significantly here, however. You are your secret weapon when it comes to search engine optimizations.

3. Build Your Local SEO Presence & Get More Reviews

Local SEO is an excellent real estate marketing idea because this approach to online marketing focuses on potential home buyers near your geographic area. Using geography as a factor when building content can help you get found by people who are located in or interested in your market.

Real estate local SEO marketing is an excellent choice if you want to attract customers in your local area or in the surrounding community. You should focus on local keywords with your city or neighborhood when building local SEO landing pages on your website to ensure Google and your prospects know where you are selling homes.

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While local SEO will drive less traffic than other channels, the truth is that many real estate agents overlook this estate marketing idea. As a result, you will see that you will attract high-quality leads that will convert more often.

By focusing on local SEO (and improving your local SEO efforts with as many past client testimonials and reviews as possible), you are able to drill down into your entire market and laser target the kinds of prospects that are most likely to purchase the properties you have for sale.

4. Use Google AdWords To Generate Leads

Of course, while organic search engine optimization will help you hit the ground running when it comes time to drive lots of targeted traffic to your website nothing gets the job done better (or faster) than Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Google AdWords management can be designed to generate a flood of leads into your marketing funnel, making sure that you always have plenty of prospects to show properties to as well as plenty of opportunities to represent.

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There are many options and settings that you need to consider when building a PPC marketing campaign, but there is no doubt about the speed of Google AdWords compared to organic search engine optimization.

You can use PPC as a cornerstone of your real estate marketing to drive qualified home buyers to your site and other listings.

5. Use Facebook Remarketing To Follow Up With Leads

Facebook is no longer just a social media platform because it has evolved into a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents looking to reach their target audience. Since people go to Facebook to interact with family and friends, you can use this marketing channel to reach your audience and develop content around proven marketing ideas that can help you sell more homes.

Along with a social media marketing strategy, you can use Facebook remarketing to engage with your customers after they visit leave from your real estate website. Since you put a lot of time and energy to create content, you can use Facebook remarketing to remind your audience about your homes and services.

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The remarketing features that Facebook provide are what helps them to stand apart from every other traffic the source you could utilize. Eye-catching ads can help people remember your homes and contact you again even after their first visit to your site.

The detailed data and analytics Facebook has on hand about all of their users (as well as everyone that visits Facebook affiliated websites) is staggering, and you’ll be able to use all of that data and information to effectively market and then read market to leads so that you keep following up consistently with new campaigns designed to work.

Get Found & Drive More Real Estate Sales Today!

At the end of the day, all five of these tips and tricks should be used in conjunction with one another to give you the very best odds of success. Hopefully, you find them useful in building and growing your successful real estate operation and generate more leads today!

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