As we continue to drive towards a new era of online marketing, many businesses are finding that blogging and other traditional marketing strategies are having limited benefits. In the past, a company could simply publish a blog post and send to their RSS feed. Nowadays business owners are finding that RSS and other methods don’t have the impact the used to. If you are finding the same results then you will need to think about the top tips to get your message to your audience through social media.

Instead of wasting time and money to find poor results, you can use some simple ideas like:

  • Identify your goals and who you want to reach.
  • Understand where your audience spends their time on social media.
  • Craft a unique message for each audience segment.
  • Develop ongoing conversations with your customers on the social network of their preference.
  • Deliver quality content on a consistent basis.
  • Build a relationship with your followers- don’t just talk at them.
  • Grow your audience and use social media to help you grow your presence through email marketing and other tactics.

Most business marketers know they need to have a presence on social media. But they may have no clue about maximizing the potential of this popular channel. Marketing on social media should be affordable and effective. To start, you need to use good quality and reliable social media monitoring and marketing software solutions.

Similar to conventional channels like print ads, radio spots, and TV commercials, your messages will prove ineffective if they are not targeted at the right audience. To help you get social media marketing right, we offer effective strategies you can check out.

Educate Yourself

Start by reading as much as you can about social marketing. You can read free articles on websites and even take paid courses for advanced learning. Though the basics are the same, you may need to tweak your strategies to suit the needs of your company and industry. Once you get a good grip on the fundamentals, you can focus on specific goals.

Have Clear Objectives

Your general aim is to use social media marketing to boost your business, but how do you achieve this? The best way to start is by having clear, realistic, and specific objectives. For instance, begin with a goal of gaining X number of followers on Twitter in X number of days. Second, make sure you can measure these objectives to know the results. If you meet with success, keep revising them regularly to move ahead.

Be Clear about Your Target Audience

Your social media content should be aimed at specific followers who show interest in your brand and products. Then, find the social platforms that these followers use the most and engage them on these networks. Understand the needs of your audience and let them know your products can solve their challenges. Prepare and share relevant content for this audience to create meaningful relationships to enhance the prospects of future sales.

Listen to Your Followers

Use a social media monitoring tool to track the comments, opinions, feedback, and brand mentions of your audience. Your customers are more likely to air their opinions on social channels than on phone or email. Utilize this opportunity to engage them and serve their needs. Listening to your followers can provide you valuable information that you can use to craft relevant content.

Utilize an Automation Tool

There are pros and cons to automating social media marketing. The advantages are you can make communication more consistent and also save time. The downside is you may end up blasting spammy and annoying promotional offers that can turn off your followers.

A good automation tool can help you push out relevant and consistent content on all your social profiles. You can improve your efficiency and productivity by scheduling your future posts conveniently which will give you extra time to respond to your social followers.

Stick to a Posting Schedule

Use appropriate software tools to schedule consistent social media updates to feed your ardent followers. More than volume, it is important to be regular with your posts. Promote new content but also mix it up by churning your older posts to take your readers a trip down memory lane. The main thing to remember here is quality is more important than quantity.

Delight Your Readers

Don’t be content with merely posting on social sites. Be proactive and reply positively to the comments and feedback from your followers. This will tell them you care about them and are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

For instance, if a follower airs a complaint or grievance, talk to him or her about it and provide a speedy resolution. Be proactive and put out the fire before it goes out of control. Satisfied and happy customers may well spread the good word about your product and brand to their contacts providing you free publicity.

Be Active on Select Social Networks

Your social media marketing efforts may prove ineffective if you use all the platforms. Instead, as mentioned earlier, focus your campaigns on the ones favored by your target audience. Measure the results for your business and then expand your efforts onto additional channels.

Track the Results Constantly

It is important to measure your social media ROI (return on investment) consistently to judge the effectiveness of your campaigns. Compare the results versus the goals to learn whether your efforts are paying off. Collect and analyze the results metrics and make changes as you go along. Test your campaigns constantly to optimize the results.

Utilize Link Cloaking for Better Branding

Link cloaking shortens and changes the URL of your link and you can utilize this technique to promote your brand. Another advantage of cloaked links is you can easily track them to learn which ones are providing the desired results. You can utilize a handy software solution to cloak, track, and optimize your social media links.


Social networks are a great source of prospects and customers and offer tremendous growth possibilities. The challenge lies in maximizing the potential of this popular channel to get the best returns.  There are a slew of apps that can also help you optimize and streamline your social media efforts. You can consult a reputable online B2B software directory like the Financesonline review site for the best options.We hope our article has provided you with the required information to get you started on this difficult yet highly interesting journey.

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