A Burned Mark

A “brand” is a tool used by ranchers to burn an identifying mark in cattle. This mark distinguishes ownership, or mark is easily identified across the landscape.

No matter where the mark is, it’s owner recognized by the brand imprinted on it.

While I may not physically brand myself, my brand is seen by distinguishing marks across my life. The things I do, the people I interact with, and activities I participate in all make my story unique in this world.

Obviously, you are not cattle. You are a real freaking human being!

But the fact remains – the decisions you make, in life and business, determine the brand you carry.

The mark you put on your life, and how you brand yourself. You develop this brand over the course of your entire life, so why no be intentional on how it is made moving forward?

A (Not So New) Personal Brand

My personal brand, like yours, is not something that just started yesterday. In fact, my personal brand is the longest and most popular branding campaign I have ever created.

My personal brand is the sum of all my actions, both online and offline. The way I interacted with every person in my past, the things I do in my free time, and the clothes I wear all mold and shape my personal brand.

This is because my brand is all about perception- it is the way people perceive me. This perception will direct how they remember me in the past and interact with me today.

My personal brand is my mark, and that mark is my story.

Your Brand Precedes You

I am intentional when it comes to maintaining my personal brand.

There are many reasons for maintaining a personal brand. A strong personal brand will present great opportunities in the future and open doors that would not have been open otherwise.

Maintaining the integrity of my personal brand is the most important thing I can do.

It’s The Same For You

Your personal brand is vital for many reasons, and I encourage you to take the time to map out a strategy to improve your own brand.

Some suggestions to help build a great personal brand include:

  1. Clean up your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.
  2. Get professional pictures for your online profiles.
  3. Create a personal business plan.
  4. Start a personal blog.
  5. Contribute on Reddit and Quora to answer questions and provide to the community.

Think about other ways to promote your strengths and present your personal brand in the best way possible!

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Now it’s your turn. What ways do you build your personal brand and what benefits have you seen from your efforts? Let me know in the comments below!

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