Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Chris from StrategyBeam, and today we’re going to take a look at the Addison On Millennial.

This is luxury homes and apartments that are located here in Orlando Florida; near where I live.

As part of our ongoing effort to look at various apartment Internet marketing websites, to point out some areas and opportunities for improvement. We wanted to take a take a look at this site.

What We Will Look At On Today’s Apartment Website Review

So, the main things that we’re going to look at today are ease of use, overall design and then also a user experience; all thinking regarding trying to drive sales so that more people can lease from the Addison On Millennial.

Starting from top to bottom, this is a lot right here. This top bar; everything with apartments needs to be focused on the property. We can see that this apartment marketing website is trying to be too stylistic with his blue swooshing wave wind thing.

apartment marketing ideas marketing ideas for apartment communities

This element detracts from the overall user experience in three ways;

One it shifts your eye movement from the left to the right because the target audience is English, so we speak from left to the power. And it makes it pass over the essential text; the ‘Call Now.’

Second, there’s an issue with the ‘Call Now,’ if you could see that, it drops to a second line; it’s too big. So, that in and of itself is an issue that needs to be fixed.

Finally, the swooshing image goes over the main navigation across the entire apartment marketing website, and text should not be black where it kind of fits into the overall swoosh there. It needs to stand out, but that’s a different issue we’ll talk about later.

Focus On Simple Apartment Website Design

But when we talk about that and we look at the design, there’s something that is highlighted to me throughout the whole site is that it’s just doing too much.

Everything from this little tree thing, to this kind of text here, to even like this how squished everything feels and red here; that doesn’t say luxury to me. This is an excellent property with many positive reviews, but the website has some opportunities to improve the overall aesthetics so that it will appear more luxurious and a little bit more inviting.

Keep Your Apartment Website Navigation Easy To Use

As we go down more, the next thing that stands out as this main navigation. If you notice, this is two levels of primary navigation; that’s a lot.

You only want to have five to seven, at the most, items on your main navigation because this is where people are going to be looking for the information they need.

apartment internet marketing apartment marketing marketing ideas for apartment communities

Right now, when I first looked at the site, I didn’t know what was going on. I was I was actually confused and scared for a little bit.

I recommend taking away this blue swooshy thing, making this phone number stand out a little bit more and then also highlighting the most critical parts of marketing Internet apartment complex regarding what the consumers want to know and what they need as they’re searching.

Create Relevant Content For Your Homepage

The other thing that stands out as we scroll down is that the homepage doesn’t have any content on it.

If you think about regarding relationship, when my wife and I started dating, we learned a lot about each other through dates and talking with each other. Sharing information and that type of relationship is not happening right now on the site.

This site lacks any of those relationship-building qualities on the homepage, and that is an issue if you want to build a relationship with potential renters.

apartment internet marketing apartment marketing plan marketing ideas for apartment

We go all the way down, and the nearest thing that we have to any kind of story is again non-clickable, non-clickable, not clickable.

You see, you could tell from my mouse; not clickable, not clickable. All these images are not clickable. The only thing that a customer or a potential person can do is ‘Lease Now,’ and I haven’t been sold yet.

So, what I’d recommend is setting up the homepage, making this all easier to look at; because it’s not. And also, I like that they have full CTA bar here, but they do need more information, not only for SEO marketing purposes but also for the user experience.

The other thing is it’s great to have images, but these are too small like these are very small. They don’t mean anything.

This apartment website should stop trying to be so fancy with this little layout that we have here; the images, this one here.

This isn’t an art gallery. The purpose is to be trying to sell properties and sell apartment complexes and homes.

Internal Linking Is Vital For Great SEO Marketing

All of your pages should interlink to specific pages to keep the customer journey flowing. We can see that on the homepage of The Addison Apartment has several images on the website, and they should be linking out to other pages.

The purpose of a homepage is to get people off the home page and right now, it’s not doing that. And you always want to have a CTA at the bottom of the page because you want to make it easy for people to rent with you.

Check Your Apartment Website On Mobile Devices

So, the other day I’m going to do quick is this might look a little jarring, and I apologize. I’m just going to emulate what this page looks like on mobile; just using the Google tool that they have here.

We could go all the way to the top, and we see I can’t click on anything. But if we look at it, it seems decent on mobile, but wow, look at this; it starts getting busy.

All these images stack on each other because they’re one image. And just because of the theme or the back end, everything stacks.

There’s no content on the home page, and looking at the site on mobile, which I assume is probably about 60 percent of their traffic for new users, we see the experience is not great.

Optimize Your Amenities Page To Show Value

The other thing that we wanted to look at are the amenities. Here they have called the Perks and Benny; which I guess means benefits, but I don’t know if they’re giving me a 401k and a dental plan.

When you create messaging for your online apartment marketing strategy, keep it simple. Don’t try to be over-the-top and super fancy.

marketing ideas for apartment marketing ideas for apartment community apartment internet marketing

You know, that’s funny for jokes but if you try to sell leases and drive leases for your apartment, you just to be straight to the point, so people don’t have to think as much.

But as we scroll down, the one thing that we start to notice on here is that for ‘Perks and Benefits’ page, it does a lousy job kind of laying it out.

And also, I don’t know why they put this left sidebar. People read from left to right, and you want your content to be the reason why people are there. This bar right here is pretty detracting.

Align Content On Your Apartment Website To Be Read By Humans

I always try to align my images on the right side of content. And also these should be broken out into <h2> and <h3> tags with pictures on the right-hand side or like three boxes in a row; 3 column, with differentiating design elements.

You can test all this with Google Events. But from all the apartments that I’ve worked with, a redesign, with the elements that I’m suggesting, have made a big impact. Design and optimizing content is one of the most important pieces to ensure a successful apartment marketing strategy.

Include Several CTAs On Each Page Of Your Website

Then we also want to look at you know just the CTA’s, like I was saying, we need more cities on this page because people tend to always go to the ‘Photo Gallery’ and the ‘Amenities’ page; they want to know what’s important to them.

These issues show that the content and images need to be broken out, made more prominent. These have no value to me right now, so be sure to have ample images that are easy to look at.

Leverage Floor Plans To Boost Your Apartment’s Signups

Let’s go over to the floor plans. Again, lost the opportunity for content; talking about who these are for, what they’re for, let’s just scroll back up; that’s pretty weird photo.

I’m not a big fan of all the stock images that they have on their site, but especially on the floor plans. Along with stock images, the text that is squiggly looks bad on a big screen.

But what we could do is click on the floor plan it opens up to a new window, and the images of people on the floor plan almost draw my eye from the floor plan itself.

I think the Floor Plan page should be minimized, and there should only be 2 or three-floor plans laid out on each row. This will allow the images to be bigger so potential renters can understand the approach to market apartment layouts better.

It should be like three or two at most, with necessary information under it; like square footage, other amenities like that.

And also, if we just click on one, it pops up like that. This is too much; this is all too much.

I understand they’re building a lifestyle here and that’s cool. But that lifestyle should be made on other pages.

Remember that every page has its purpose, and the goal of a page should be focused the on-the goal of floor plans is not this and it’s this. This is the central part of the floor plan. This is the central part of the floor plan; not this.

They have great photos; doesn’t add anything. But if you take this person out, and you make the floor plan the value here, along with this information and clean this up, that’s going to be a lot better.

And there should be call-to-actions on here. Like, let’s say I go to this floor plan and I want to purchase I have no way of doing that. That’s one of the biggest things that I found on this site is that I literally can’t convert on it.

Optimize Content To Be Found By Google Crawlers

So as we’re just moving around, we could see just the lack of call-to-action. This information should not be an image because Google can’t index that.

This information, I mean they probably have metadata on the back end which we could look at. But this needs to be actual text that people can read with a button that says ‘View Availability’ or ‘Sign a Lease Now.’

And there should be one under every one of these, and they don’t need to be a full-see this is a full image. They should have a 2×2 grid or 3×3 with general call-to-actions or things like that.

Main Takeaway: Make Everything Easier To Navigate

The main takeaway from this apartment marketing website is to make everything on the site easier to understand and navigate. Everything from the design and layout, to the main navigation menu.

So, we’ve looked at photo galleries, pet-friendly, floor plans, amenities and then also just the property, like the sizes of the units. And what we see is that there’s minimal movement between that.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to optimize apartment websites and want more reviews like this one to cover elements like content, layout, format, user experience, design elements we’ll go into more examples later on. But we just wanted to include only those main topics today.

So, if you like this video, please give a like, comment and subscribe. Also, share with your friends because that helps us out a lot. And until next time guys, thanks a lot for your time and we look forward to looking at more websites shortly and sharing ideas.

Until next time, we look forward to seeing you again. Talk to you soon!

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