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Real estate agents recognize that they need to have a strong online presence if they want to reach their goals. This is particularly the case for Orlando real estate agents and great copywriting can help real estate agents in today’s market. As the local markets continue to improve and many experts in the area show health forecasts for the residential housing market.

As the residential real estate market grows, so does the need for great online content from real estate agents. Real estate blogging is one way that realtors can use to build their personal brand, become a trusted source, and show their knowledge about helping families find the perfect home.

Let’s take a look at why realtors need to leverage the power of blogging for their real estate business.

Why Real Estate Agents Need To Start Blogging

Anyone who is looking to buy property is going online first to research and understand their market and options. If you are a realtor, then you know that your customers are smarter and pickier than ever before. As the Orlando real job market continues to become stronger, more people are looking to buy property in the Orlando area. This means you have a great opportunity to produce great online content to attract qualified leads and close more sales!

This means that you need to build valuable and relevant content for your audience if you want to keep a competitive edge and cash in on the improved buyer’s market.

One of the keys to an internet presence is blogging because it addresses the needs of potential customers and allows realtors the chance to showcase their knowledge and expertise. While it requires time and resources to get started and maintain, a real estate blog can pay dividends in the long run.

A blog allows you to present your experience as a representative, show you understand the local marketplace, drive business to your agency, and establish yourself as a go-to source for buyers in your market.

Real Estate Blogging Tips

Realtors need to build personal rapport and show their knowledge for home buyers, and a real estate blog is an excellent way to do this. Here are some tips to help you start, run, and benefit from a blog for your real estate business!

1. Record Common Questions & Discussion On Your Blog

If you want to increase sales, then you need to attract qualified leads. The only way to attract qualified leads is to understand the needs and concerns of your buyers in your area. If you know the common questions your target audience has when buying property; then you can provide relevant answers.

In turn, you will get found on Google and become the trusted source of information in your local real estate market.

The best way to know what your customers want to know is to record specific questions or sets of questions they ask.

You should think about the questions people are asking before buying a home in your area so you can publish quality content that your target audience will find when going to search engines.

You want your real estate blog to pop up in the search results whenever someone goes to Google to find information about buying a home in your area of operation. Once you begin publishing relevant and valuable content on your real estate blog, you will see an increase in qualified traffic and reach your business goals!

2. Understand Your Audience Demographic & Needs

A home purchase is a big decision, so homeowners put a lot of time into research, and they want to trust their Realtor. The only way you can win the confidence of potential clients is to show that you are knowledgeable, goal-oriented, and will work hard to serve their needs.

Different demographics have different questions and requirements to consider when buying a new home. If you want your real estate blog to be as efficient as possible, then you need to identify these aspects and develop your content around their needs. Here are some questions you should ask to help you understand the type of content you should create:

  • What is the age range of the majority of your clientele?
  • What age range do you want to be working with?
  • What is the average income level of your clientele?
  • What is the average income level of the client you want to be working with?
  • What other demographics make up your clientele (education, family, marital status, etc.)?
  • What other demographics are you looking to target?

There are many qualifiers you should study to determine the type of content to focus your attention on your blog. It is important to know the kind of information your audience is asking so your real estate blog will be the go-to source of information.

3. Become The Local Expert

You are not the only realtor writing a blog in your market, so you need to do whatever you can if you want to stand out and reap all the benefits of maintaining a blog. One of the easiest ways to do this is to become a specialist on your local communities and neighborhoods.

You most likely already understand a great deal about your area like community issues, local politics, crime rates, etc. Think about all the items you discuss with your clients throughout the process of selling a home in specific areas, and you can use those as a starting point for your blog posts.

You can make your knowledge even more valuable for your business by writing about those tips on your real estate blog, so people are searching for information online find your site.

Since you have finite time and resources, you should focus your energy on homeowner issues and questions that deal with the area you operate in. This is because there is much less competition on a local level, and when you write about local issues you will be able to produce content that is more valuable for your business goals.

Future home buyers are more likely to hire you as their agent if they believe you are a specialist in the area where they would like to purchase or sell. This can be an especial solution to show that you’re the “go-to” real estate agent in the region.

4. Get Hyperlocal

As a realtor, blogging is all about attracting the attention of your target audience. When choosing the topics that you want to write about you should focus on the local market first. You should hit issues that are relevant to buyers in the areas that you operate in, and talk about interesting angles that can draw the most qualified readers.

When writing about housing prices, you can compare local prices compared to national pricing. Sometimes you can write about hyperlocal issues like school systems, local communities, etc. because these help build a backstory to your properties. In turn, your buyers will feel a connection with the story of the building they are looking to buy and begin to envision themselves living in the house and not watch the purchase as an economic exchange.

5. Invite Guest Authors To Add Value & Network

As you grow your real estate blog, you should focus your attention on building beneficial relationships with leaders in your industry. Backlinks are an important part of SEO so you can use your relationships to gain more backlinks from other blogs to your content.

Inviting guest bloggers to contribute to your real estate blog is an excellent way to ensure you have valuable content for your readers. You can attract partners and local experts to provide their insight to inform your readers on topics they are knowledgeable on. You can work on a series of content with your partners to attract more readers, and a few ideas that you can reach out to are:

  1. Mortgage Brokers
  2. Home Inspectors
  3. Local Politicians
  4. Local Emergency Personnel
  5. Community Members

By leveraging the shared knowledge with your mutually beneficial relationships in the industry, you can help future homeowners find great information on your blog while also aligning your content with your business goals.

Build Your Real Estate Blog Today!

I work with several Orlando realtors, and they have seen the benefits of maintaining a professional real estate blog. A strong online presence starts with a high-quality blog that addresses the needs of your target audience and provides great information that people are looking for.

Writing excellent real estate blog content takes a lot of time and energy. Instead of focusing on your blog you can hire a professional Orlando copywriter who knows how to research, optimize, and publish great content that your customers are looking for.

If you are ready to grow your business then fill out the simple and easy form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours to work with you on the best ways to grow your business!

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