What Is Email Segmentation?

Segmenting your emails means that you send individual customer’s specific messages based on specific criteria. Email segmentation allows you to personalize your message based on who your audience is and their preferences.

Too many businesses send the same content to their entire list. Sending the same information to your full list reduces the impact of your copy and hurts your brand. Your email campaigns also take a hit because lower email open rates and click through rate will result from mass email messaging.

How To Start Segmenting Your Emails

If you don’t have an email segmentation strategy, then start with your more relevant attribute for your business. Use this attribute to determine how you will split your email list to personalize content for your subscribers.

Segmenting your email list gives you the ability to speak on a more personal level with your audience. Instead of using general, nonspecific language you can talk directly to your readers. In turn, email list segmentation allows you to increase your Open Rates and Click Through Rates.

1. Geography

Your business should include geography as part of your email segmentation strategy. Knowing collecting the state your reader lives in allows you to customize your messaging in several ways, including:

  • Seasonality
  • Regional events
  • State history, etc.

While state-based email segmentation is not the most detailed segmentations strategy available, it does offer your business a way to tap into unique interests of your audience.

For example, if your company knows the state of particular subscribers you will be able to customize your messaging based on the weather of each state in the winter time. You could also send out special emails on historical events or other occasions that are relevant to your product.

2. Age

Knowing the age of your audience is crucial for your email marketing strategy. Not only does age determine the sales process, but it also will guide the overall language and messaging you use in your communications.

You can use age in your email segmentation strategy to customize your email messaging. You will be able to integrate other marketing content based on the age of your customers. Including Instagram content for the younger audience could work better than if you used a blog. In the same way, using Pinterest for older women could work better than for younger men.

3. Gender

Customizing your email messaging based on the sex of your recipient will allow you to personalize each email. Gender-based email segmentation strategy provides you the ability to choose the right colors, tone, language, and delivery method for your reader.

The language and benefits you focus on will change depending on if you are sending to a man or a woman. You can take this email segmentation strategy even further by applying it to their relationship status. Tracking responses will help you understand how men and women view your product and help you optimize your messaging in other campaigns.

4. Persona

A user persona is a marketing framework that you can use to understand your audience. These models help you understand groups of your customers so you can personalize messaging based on several data points that represent them.

You will need to collect accurate information to be able to segment your email marketing based on a persona, but this is the most powerful way to customize email marketing. Your email marketing program will need to be connected to a CRM, and that CRM will need to record various metrics and interactions that your customers have with emails and other marketing campaigns.

The ultimate goal of an email marketing segmentation strategy is to customize content based on personas. This requires large amounts of data to help you create personas of your customers, but if your business can achieve this, then you will be able to increase Open Rates and Click-Through Rates with ease.

5. Role

As part of the larger email segmentation strategy, your business should look to segment your subscriber list by their role in their family or company. This will help you tailor the message of each email to meet the needs of your recipient.

Understand the need and expectations of your reader will increase your Open Rate and Click Through Rate, while also boosting conversions and ROI. Once your business can identify who your customer is, you will be able to drive them to appropriate products and services to fulfill their needs.

6. Purchase Interest

If you have been tracking consumer purchases, then you can power your email segmentation strategy with product interest. Instead of offering everyone all the goods you offer, you can send select people emails promoting specific emails based on their interests and past purchases.

Amazon and Wish do this very well. They will send you emails based on products you clicked on or previously purchased. Segmenting your emails in this way is not just for online stores because your business can upsell and remind your customers to refill or repurchase products on a regular basis.

7. Engagement Frequency

You can usually predict how likely a subscriber is to buy from you based on their past interactions with your emails. User intent is a high attribute for email list segmentation, so always reference who and how your subscribers interact with your content so you can optimize and segment accordingly.

If you see a group of customers who regularly open your emails but do not click through, you can create an email for them. You can then send special coupons or other content to entice them to click through and purchase your product.

8. Content Topic

Let’s face it, some of your subscribers are interested in different content than other subscribers. Not everyone is going to be excited about receiving a Taylor Swift meme in their email. You can segment content production based on different attributes of your customer personas.

While content segmentation is a strategy that relies on other attributes to direct it, you can personalize what content you send and to whom you send it to with some customer data. This will provide you with the opportunity to increase Open Rate and Click Through Rate while also delivering relevant content that your audience will find valuable.

9. Content Format

There are many different types of content available for you to offer through your email marketing programs. The goal of your content should always be to deliver the most valuable and relevant content to your customers. Instead of sending the same content to your entire list, you can segment based on the type of content you think they will find more valuable.

While there are many types of content available for your marketing strategy, you can use email as a way to test the best content for your target audience. Marketing segmentation through email marketing is a great way to test the effectiveness and desire for specific pieces of content!

10. Stage in the Sales Cycle

Your customers need different types of content based on where they are in the sales cycle. You should always be segmenting your email marketing list to reflect the stage each of your buyers is at.

By identifying the content, your subscribers need to be built on the stage of the customer journey. The engagement of your customers is an indicator of the stage they are at on the client’s journey.

Stage a lead is at within the cycle is critical to understand what segment they are in. Based on interaction and link/content engagement to know where they are at.

Customizing Content With Email Segmentation

Personalized marketing is the goal of every business owner and marketing team. Customized content will increase your Open Rates, Click Through Rates, and overall ROI for your email marketing campaigns.

Always think of ways to add value for your subscribers and send content that is relevant. One of the best ways to ensure your content is relevant is by implementing the above ideas into your email marketing segmentation strategy!

If you are ready to bring your business to the next level and increase sales with email marketing, then check out my digital marketing services. I provide professional email marketing guidance and will help you increase your online sales through email!


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